WTB - RAM for old MegaImage Megabook 770 notebook

Discussion in 'Computing' started by Captain Birdseye, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. I am looking for some extra RAM for an old notebook computer I want to
    resurrect for the hell of it.

    The computer is a MegaImage Megabook 770, DX4100 486, manufactured in about
    1996 by Megatron Computer Systems Inc, Korea, a Samsung subsidiary. The
    computer FCC ID is A3LS3945E.

    The current 8mb memory module is square in shape, about 5 x 5 cm with 4
    small connection points on both sides, one for connecting to the MB, the
    other side to connect (presumably) to another module for expansion. The
    module part number is S3945, and the FCB code is 93004-394-009. The actual
    SIMM chips on the module are SEC 537Y, part no KM44V1000CLT-7.

    Love to hear from anyone with compatible ram or any suggestions as to where
    I might look.

    Email me offline at "seagoon (spambuster - remove & replace with at sign)
    fat-bastard.biz" or reply in this newsgroup.

    Would consider buying complete compatible notebook to cannibalise. Based in
    Canberra (Australia), will pay reasonable postage or COD.

    Captain Birdseye, Aug 2, 2003
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