Won't sleep!

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Gordon, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Gordon

    Gordon Guest

    I've just built a new desktop computer, using a Gigabyte S-series
    GA-P35-DS3L/S3L motherboard with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor,
    two 1 MB memory sticks and a 500 GB WD hard drive. I am using an
    ACER 22 inch flat-screen monitor. This computer works very well
    and seems very stable, but it won't go to sleep. I have checked
    and re-checked the BIOS settings, trying various changes. I've
    right clicked on the desktop to bring up the Display Properties >
    Screen Saver > Monitor Power window and tried every conceivable
    setting here.

    Windows XP Pro, SP 2

    This computer will go into screen saver mode as the settings call
    for, then after that times out and it should turn off the hard
    disk and go on into sleep mode it comes back to a regular desktop
    and just sits there...for hours.

    I've switched the keyboard and mouse back and forth between the
    new USP and the old PS/2 hardware, but this hasn't produced any
    noticeable differences.

    What else can I try or look for in the BIOS or Display

    Thanks for your insights on this. Gordon
    Gordon, Nov 9, 2007
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  2. Gordon

    Gordon Guest

    Found the problem! I re-installed the drivers for the e-GeForce
    7600 GS video card and the problem seems to be resolved.
    Apparently something went wrong with the initial driver
    installation, or they became corrupted later. Anyway, the sleep
    mode seems to be working well, now.

    Gordon, Nov 10, 2007
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  3. Gordon

    Paul Guest

    There is a utility called "dumppo.exe" you can get from the Microsoft site.
    It is only 13KB and runs in a command window.


    These are options for the program (listed on a French web site)

    cap power capabilities
    ps Win32 System power status
    bs battery status
    admin Admin policy overrides
    ac AC power policy
    dc DC power policy
    Par exemple : dumppo ps cap

    This is "dumppo ps cap" from my Win2K machine.

    Win32 System power status
    AC line status..........: on line
    Battery flag............:
    Battery life percent....: 255
    Battery full life time..: -1

    power capabilties
    System power capabilties
    Power Button Present....: TRUE
    Sleep Button Present....: FALSE
    Lid Present.............: FALSE
    System states supported.: S1 S3 S4 S5
    Hiber file reserved.....: FALSE
    Thermal control.........: FALSE
    CPU Throttle control....: TRUE
    Processor min throttle..: 3
    Processor trottle scale.: 8 (12%)
    Some disk will spindown.: TRUE
    System batteries present: FALSE
    System batteries scale..: (G:0 C:0) (G:0 C:0) (G:0 C:0)
    Ac on line wake ability.: Unspecified
    Lid wake ability........: Unspecified
    RTC wake ability........: S4 - hibernate
    Min device wake.........: Unspecified
    Default low latency wake: Unspecified

    S3 is "Suspend To RAM" and is what gets used for Standby.
    In S3, the fans go off, PCI cards are powered off (except for standby voltage on
    the LAN card, for wake-on-lan), processor is powered off, RAM runs from +5VSB.
    S3 allows the computer to restart rapidly when you wake it up.

    The dumppo "admin override" option, allows changing the supported
    states. If, during an install, the BIOS didn't do the right thing
    when declaring ACPI states, you can use dumppo to repair the damage
    after the BIOS settings have been fixed. Google for the following:

    dumppo.exe admin /ac minsleep=s3

    ACPI only works, if the "Computer" entry in Device Manager,
    mentions ACPI in the name string. If it says "Standard Computer"
    or something similar, you're in real trouble, and dumppo cannot
    help. Dumppo is only useful if an ACPI HAL was used.

    Paul, Nov 10, 2007
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