Wish to get data off a sharp MCG1

Discussion in 'Computing' started by mikegw, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. mikegw

    mikegw Guest

    Hello all,

    I have recently purchased a new phone to replace my now seriously dead sharp
    MC-G1 ( second battery has carked it and it was a brick anyway) I wish to
    extract the contacts info ( phone numbers etc) from this phone's memory (not
    the sim) and get them onto my computer ( where getting them into the new
    phone is easy).

    The Sharp phone has a IRDA port which seems to recognise a matching port on
    a laptop. When pointed at said laptop ( running XP) the phone will claim to
    communicate and does not complain about an IR dropout. XP shows that an IR
    session is taking place ( so far so good).

    Now for the problem.

    Nothing else happens. The phone claims to have sent the data and the
    computer does not seem overly excited about the communication that has
    supposedly taken place. I assume that software is needed to download the
    data. I don't care if the data is text or an outlook contacts database, the
    new phone ( philips fisio 620 with usb kit) is not too fussy.

    This is a one time only thing, I wish to get the data off the phone and get
    rid of it so buying something is a waste. I don't mind taking the phone
    into a shop to get this done is such a service is available. I am reluctant
    to type in all the data from the phone.

    Any help regarding this would be appreciated.


    mikegw, Jul 31, 2003
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