WinME: VPN won't connect: prefixes domain name

Discussion in 'PC Technical Talk' started by Michael Salem, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. I got no response in microsoft.public.windowsme.networking, so will try

    I have been having trouble with VPN connections. After much debugging, I
    find that it is prefixing a domain name, and trying to login as
    MYDOMAIN\myname, instead of myname (router log entry "Incoming Call
    Failed : No Such Entry for MYDOMAIN\myname". An attempt to login from a
    WinXP machine using an unknown name results, as expected, in "Incoming
    Call Failed : No Such Entry for unknownname", with no domain prefix).

    Acer 212T laptop computer, Windows Millennium (ME, WinME), now has
    latest updates (Didn't originally), latest drivers. Connection to
    Internet via built-in modem, works OK. Have uninstalled and reinstalled
    modem, TCP/IP, VPN, etc. Machine normally networked to Netware (using
    latest Novell Client 32) and also to Microsoft domain; during testing,
    not connected to network. During testing, "login to NT network"
    unticked, all VPN options, including specifically "login to network" and
    others (encryption, etc.) tried both ticked and unticked.

    The VPN itself is working OK (can log in from Win98, WinXP, Win2000).

    On checking the logs on the ME machine, amongst the mess there are clear
    references to MYDOMAIN\myname. On checking the log of the router which
    runs the VPN, there are absolutely clear references to inability to
    login due to wrong name, password, or domain.

    Best wishes,
    Michael Salem, Jul 14, 2004
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  2. Michael Salem

    Clint Sharp Guest

    Are you explicitly specifying the login domain in your VPN connectoid,
    I.E. you have username, password and domain fields to fill in when you
    launch the connection or do you just have the username and password
    field available?
    Clint Sharp, Jul 16, 2004
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  3. You name, it, I've done it! In other words, I've experimented with all
    possible settings. I don't remember in detail now, and have no ME
    machine to hand, but one of the first things I would have done would be
    to get rid of that setting. (Incidentally, in real life the setting
    could well be required to log onto a domain over the VPN). I also got
    rid of the "login to domain" setting in Microsoft Networking -- in spite
    of this, the system remembered and misused the domain name when VPNing.

    If it did prefix the domain name to the VPN name in this way it would
    definitely be a bug, as it would preclude connecting to a domain over a
    network. But I did rule out this possibility.

    I did have a problem a while ago (this machine was not involved) where
    all VPN user names had to be prefixed with something (I don't remember
    what, could have been domain) before the VPN would work. This was 100%
    definitely a problem with the firmware on the router (Vigor 2200USB at
    that time, 2600We now): the problem arose after a firmware update, was
    identified by checking router logs and by testing with a name with the
    spurious prefix, and was resolved by reverting.

    (Most Vigor routers support, rather than pass through, VPNetworking:
    there is no VPN server software on any equipment attached to the router.
    This problem with user names only happens on the one ME machine; Win98,
    2000, and XP all work fine)

    Best wishes,
    Michael Salem, Jul 16, 2004
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