Windows Indexing .. Win 7 64bit

Discussion in 'Computing' started by The Old Bloke, May 3, 2014.

  1. I have set, via the Control Panel, for my 3 HDs to be indexed my Win

    Is there a way for the search function to search the 3 HDs at once?

    CP, My Computer, select all HDs, does not search anything.

    The Old Bloke, May 3, 2014
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  2. Open Windows Explorer (no, not through the Control Panel!). The quickest way
    to get this up is Win-E - that is, while holding the "Windows" key down
    (between CTRL and ALT on the left of your keyboard), press "E."

    Click once on "Computer" in the left pane.

    In the top right of the window, you'll see the helpful text "Search
    Computer." Click in that box and type your search phrase.

    It'll search your entire computer for files which include the search phrase
    in their names.
    Bob Milutinovic, May 3, 2014
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  3. The Old Bloke

    annily Guest

    I have the Windows Search service (indexing, etc.) disabled, as I
    generally have no trouble remembering where things are likely to be
    found, and it saves resources.
    annily, May 4, 2014

  4. Thanks for your help. As I understand it, that should work. But it
    doesn't. I am having many minor OS errors lately, and I suspect that
    I am due full a full rebuild. :-(
    The Old Bloke, May 5, 2014
  5. My aging old brain isn't that good!!
    The Old Bloke, May 5, 2014
  6. The Old Bloke

    Damian Guest

    Yep. It is a resource hog, not worth having running all the time, IMO,
    though I don't have a choice with it at work. :)
    Damian, May 5, 2014
  7. The Old Bloke

    Damian Guest

    Check the services.msc by runninbg it at start-->run
    See weather "windows search" service is up and running or not.
    There're third party apps that does the same thing, perhaps even lot better.
    Damian, May 5, 2014
  8. It should actually work even without the indexing service running - it'll
    just take much longer to find the results, as it has to crawl the directory
    tree for each search.
    Bob Milutinovic, May 5, 2014
  9. Which edition of Windows 7 is it that you're running? I've seen issues with
    Windows "Home" versions, but never with "Professional" ones.

    Another thing to check which might be impeding search functionality - from
    Explorer, check "Folder Options" to make sure that;

    1. You have "hide extensions for known file types" *UNTICKED*, and
    2. You have "hidden files and folders" set to "SHOW."

    Finally, using the methodology described above (that is, clicking on
    "Computer" once in the left pane and not clicking/highlighting anything in
    the right pane of Explorer), do a search for something you know with
    absolute certainty exists. For example, do a search for "JPG" (without the
    quotes) - it should start bringing up a list of JPEG image files on your
    Bob Milutinovic, May 5, 2014
  10. Win 7 Ult
    It is set that way
    mmm yep most things are found but some are not. That is weird, I
    know. I am also having multiple other crazy errors. I will
    The Old Bloke, May 9, 2014
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