Win98SE net problem and problem with Compaq QuickRestore

Discussion in 'Computing' started by Rod Speed, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Rather odd problem with a Win98SE install on a Compaq Prosignia 340.

    IE, OE, VET and firefox all crash very quickly after starting them.

    Everything else works fine.

    Those that do crash are all attempting to use the net.
    Firefox was installed after first seeing the problem and
    is the evidence that there is some fundamental problem
    with net access somewhere.

    The system file checker did replace a couple of files, made no difference.

    It was running IE and OE 6, repairing IE 6 made no
    difference, uninstalling that back to 5 made no difference.

    Same result with the internal modem and an external router.

    Clean install of 98SE fixes the problem completely so its
    clearly SE thats got screwed up somehow. Reasonably
    clean install of SE, tho its been installed quite a while now.

    Main problem is that I cant get the Compaq QuickRestore
    to even start, it just whines 'restoration cannot continue',

    This is caused by one of the following conditions :
    The QuickRestore disk is not in the drive

    cant be that, the CD is in the drive and the floppy makes no difference

    This QuickRestore disk is not designed for this computer

    thats a real possibility, as far as I know its never been used

    The system board has been replace

    not as far as I am aware

    The Flash BIOS is corrupt or has been rewritten

    no evidence of either

    A hardware error has occurred

    no evidence of any hardware problem.

    It comes with a diskette too which appears to write the serial
    number to the hard drive and diskette. That runs fine with no
    complaints and it makes no difference if thats in the drive when
    the QuickRestore CD is booted.

    So I'd like some way of actually fixing the problem in the current
    SE install thats causing the crashes in IE, OE, VET and firefox.
    Presumably it must be a problem with one of the dlls or something,
    but the system file checker doesnt see any problem with any of them.

    Or some way of getting the QuickRestore to work.

    I can obviously do a clean install of SE from a normal OEM CD
    and the product key on the SE manual works fine. But thats quite
    a bit different in detail to the original SE install, no drivers etc and
    it looks like there is a problem with the drivers from
    no obviously suitable video driver for starters, this one has an intel
    chipset video. The original SE install has got the supplementary
    drivers on the hard drive too, so you dont have to fart around
    with a CD when say adding a NIC etc either.
    Rod Speed, Dec 18, 2005
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  2. Rod Speed

    FruitLoop Guest

    Windows 98 is no longer supported , update to XP .

    Also be wary of the hidden partition used on compaqs , if its been blown
    away you wont be able to restore from compaq quick restore .

    I would blow away the partitions reinstall XP SP2 and sit back and have a
    beer .
    FruitLoop, Dec 18, 2005
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  3. Rod Speed

    Shep© Guest

    Shep©, Dec 18, 2005
  4. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    The owner doesnt care and neither should
    they. IE6 and OE6 are still supported fine.
    Not even possible, its only got 64M.
    It doesnt complain about that when run, and the the floppy calls
    itself the QuickRestore Maintenance Utility when run and says

    The HDD has a QRed image on it

    found good SN and CTO info on the system board

    Writing CTO data to HDD

    Writing CTO data to the diskette

    <<<<< QRMAINT has successfully complete. >>>>>

    Please remove this diskette from the computer

    And store it with your QuickRestore CD.

    So it appears to be happy that whatever it needs is on the HDD.

    There is no hidden partition, the only partition
    there is occupys the full space on the hard drive.
    Doesnt have enough memory for that.

    Its only used for quite basic stuff, SE should be fine
    for that and has been up till this problem showed up.
    Rod Speed, Dec 18, 2005
  5. Rod Speed

    SmakDaddy Guest

    Presumably it must be a problem with one of the dlls or something,

    hmm, wouldnt be the DCOM component would it? i know that had some.. odd..
    issues, i thought they were confined to IE though.
    SmakDaddy, Dec 18, 2005
  6. Rod Speed

    Lord-Data Guest

    Tried booting the recovery CD? Dunno about back in the 98 days, but more
    recent recovery discs can be booted.. Also some compaq systems with recovery
    partition on HDD have a key press you can hold at boot time to boot directly
    into recovery mode from the partition, bypassing the need for the CD..
    Lord-Data, Dec 18, 2005
  7. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    I assumed that uninstalling IE6 back to IE5 should have replaced that ?
    Yeah, surprised me that firefox was affected too.
    Rod Speed, Dec 18, 2005
  8. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Yeah, that's what the manual says to do and thats what
    produces the message saying it cant restore, once its booted.

    Tried running it from Win too, no autostart. If you run
    the exe from within Win, same error screen results.

    The second CD is labelled Driver Recovery CD #2
    and that does autostart when running Win, but it demands
    you put the CD in the drive when its already in the drive.
    Yeah, they both can, but both give the same error message once they boot.
    No mention of that in the manual and there isnt any special partition
    visible, even by calculating the numbers in case its very well hidden.

    I'll ring Compaq and see what they say.
    Rod Speed, Dec 18, 2005
  9. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Tried returning it to the original hardware config too, it had a
    burner, internal modem and USB card added. Made no difference.
    Compaq has nothing to offer. The recovery CD isnt in their
    database, so it isnt clear if its the appropriate CD for this system.

    They only have a different one thats for
    2K which was an option with that system.
    Might see how viable 256K of ram is and install XP instead.
    Rod Speed, Dec 19, 2005
  10. Rod Speed

    SmakDaddy Guest

    Might see how viable 256K of ram is and install XP instead.

    depending on what its to be used for,you might get away with installing a
    user friendly (well, friendly fora linux flavour) linux distrobutuon like
    mandriva or something. you can pretty much guarantee there will be
    free-to-download hardware specific or compatible generic drivers for all the
    hardware on the laptop. also depends on the purpous though. if its for
    internet, email, and word, then something like mandriva will do all that
    easily. if its to run games and stuff, that xp option sounds a lot better...
    SmakDaddy, Dec 19, 2005
  11. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Nar, the owner is a pretty naive user.
    Its a desktop.
    Yeah, particularly for the camera etc, XP or SE is the way to go
    IMO. Main advantage with XP over SE is that it will be easier for
    me to fix as required, mainly because of the install in place with XP.
    SE is a tad dinosaury in that area. Quite adequate for their use tho.
    Rod Speed, Dec 19, 2005
  12. Rod Speed

    kevin Guest

    Check if Drive Letter assigned to CD has changed!
    However it looks like your trying to run a Win98 CD on Win98se!
    You don't use the Win98 CD after you upgrade to Win98se unless it asks
    for it.
    And then I'd get a REAL Win98 CD and not a Compaq Restore CD!
    First check that it is pointing to the proper drive for the CD.
    It may have changed the drive letter to your CD when you reinstalled.
    Check Device Mang. to see if that Drive Letter it was assigned has

    Second your trying to run a Restore Disk that is Windows 98 after
    you've updated to win98se!
    Whenever I try that it tells be the Win98 CD is the wrong version and
    to put the win98se CD in.

    I suggest you get a normal copy of win98 if you have a Win98se upgrade
    CD or win98se (full version if they made one) somewhere.
    You might try Ebay for one.

    I ripped out the Compaq crap here and got rid of the D:\ partition
    that slows your computer.
    You don't need it when you uninstal the Compaq Windows and install
    Win98 and then upgrade to Win98se.

    I'm surprised you got SFC to run on a Restore CD unless it was after
    you upgraded to Win98se and used that CD to update files.
    I had to get the files out of the CABs by hand until I dumped that
    Restore CD.
    Talk about taking something simple and complicating it!

    Partition your Drive as one Partition and install Win98 then upgrade
    to Win98se unless you have a Win98se Full Version (don't know if they
    made one but possible).

    Or going to Win2000 or XP would be another option if you want to go
    that route but read up on them to be sure you can close all the Doors
    left open and change default passwords etc...

    Hope that helps.

    kevin, Dec 22, 2005
  13. Rod Speed

    kevin Guest

    Not just IE but OE, Task mang. Windows messaging and more stuff on XP
    and Win2000 that have it tied to it.
    Good Idea to block that Port with your Firewall.

    kevin, Dec 22, 2005
  14. Rod Speed

    kevin Guest

    That's F4 if I remember right.
    But if he's already upgraded to Win98se then he'd be trying to run a
    earlier OS on it.

    kevin, Dec 22, 2005
  15. Rod Speed

    kevin Guest

    Not sure about XP since you only have 256k RAM.
    Can the RAM be upgraded?
    Anyone know what the min RAM is for XP?

    Do you have a regular Win98 CD and upgrade CD to Win98se?
    Or a Win98 CD Full Version (if they made one)?
    If so dump the restore CD and repartition the Drive to one Partition.
    Then install Win98(se) and or upgrade to Win98se.
    You should be all set from there.

    I think the problem was you were looking at the wrong CD trying to run
    a Win98 CD (Restore CD) on a system that has been ugraded to Win98se.
    It wanted to see the Win98se CD and not Win98 unless it asks for it.

    kevin, Dec 22, 2005
  16. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    64 actually.
    Likely, but there arent any XP drivers for it,
    just 2K drivers so that might not be a great idea.
    There isnt any real minimum, I have installed
    it on a 64M system. Rather slow tho.
    Yes, but chose not to use that.
    98SE OEM, yes, that installs fine and is how I proved
    that it was a stuffed SE install, that fixes the problem.
    And its happy to use the Product Key thats on the
    manual that came with the system too.
    It only had the one partition, I just formatted that and SE installs fine.
    Its more complicated than that. For some odd reason while there
    are 5 video drivers on the compaq site for that system, not one of
    them is for the intel video chipset that is actually present.

    Looks rather like its one of Compaq's odditys that never did
    get made in very big volume and its unclear if the recovery
    CDs actually belong with that system at all. Compaq couldnt
    find any data on the number thats on the CDs and their
    database only shows a recovery CD for 2K for that system.

    Looks rather like someone used a separate compaq oem SE
    and the recovery CDs are from something else or something.

    I worked out which chipset its got using Everest, Intel i752 and
    an Intel 82810E graphics controller. Nothing on the intel site for
    the i752. Decent collection of drivers for the 82810 but when you
    try installing the one for 98 etc, it says its for the 810 etc video
    chipsets. Its happy to install and does appear to work on that
    system tho, at least allowing the better video modes to be set
    now. They dont play games on that PC so it should be fine.
    Nope, its always had SE on it, the manual
    and product key are for a compaq oem SE.
    The QReasy error message doesnt even mention that possibility, it
    rabbits on about various possibilitys with the hardware its booted on.
    Rod Speed, Dec 22, 2005
  17. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Not relevant because thats an attempt to boot the
    CD and there is no drive letter for it at that level.

    And I get exactly the same result when I return
    it to the original hardware config anyway.
    Nope, I get the same result even when the hard drive has been wiped.

    And it isnt a Win98 CD anyway, its the Compaq Recovery CDs.
    I want the Compaq Recovery CD because a standard
    Win98SE CD doesnt have the drivers I need, they arent
    on the compaq site for that Prosignia 340 either, and the
    current install doesnt require any CD to be inserted when
    say adding a NIC, it has the cabs for that stuff on the HD.
    I did that by returning to the original hardware config.
    The drive letter is irrelevant when booting the recovery CD.
    Not relevant when booting a recovery CD and I get the same
    result when its returned to the original hardware config anyway.
    No I'm not. No evidence that it ever had 98 installed.

    The manual is a compaq oem 98SE manual.
    Its not a Win98* CD, its a compaq OS Recovery CD.

    I get the same result when I try to boot the Driver Recovery CD too.
    That's what I used to prove that the problem was a stuffed SE
    install. That works fine, the only problem is with the drivers.
    It only has one partition.
    I didnt, I used the full Win98SE OEM CD
    for the two files it decided might be dubious.
    There never was any upgrade.
    Yes, I have one, an OEM.

    That certainly works but there's then a problme with the drivers.
    Not that practical, its only a 64M machine and the user is rather
    too naive for 2K and likely the camera software wont run on 2K.
    I dont need to read up on that stuff.
    Rod Speed, Dec 22, 2005
  18. Rod Speed

    FruitLoop Guest

    No minimum , my ass , MS have minimum system specs on software , as you dont
    know .

    Off the top of my head Processor 300mhz and 128 meg ram for XP
    FruitLoop, Dec 22, 2005
  19. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Wrong, as always.
    Have fun explaining the 64M system I installed it on fine.
    Rod Speed, Dec 23, 2005
  20. Rod Speed

    FruitLoop Guest

    If Im wrong install XP you tool and see , if your so fucking sure , Mr
    knowall .

    This is why no-one helps you fool
    FruitLoop, Dec 23, 2005
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