why the term "craputer" is used for HP

Discussion in 'Computing' started by 116e32s, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. 116e32s

    116e32s Guest

    I have a HP PC with i7 Sandy Bridge. I saw at a swap meet an i3 PC with the
    same mainboard going cheap, so grabbed it for spares.
    When I opened it up, I found a cheap-arse power supply therein: only has
    a 20-pin connector, although the mainboard uses 24 pins like most.
    Also it only has IDE molex power for disks, so has SATA adaptors plugged onto
    end. I presume HP had a warehouse of old components they are trying to use up.
    116e32s, Nov 23, 2014
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  2. 116e32s

    SG1 Guest

    My 3yo HP has an i5 with SATA and SATA connectors from the PS. Also eSATA. I
    did upgrade the
    RAM to 16GB from 4GB. I have no complaints.
    SG1, Nov 23, 2014
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  3. 116e32s

    Rod Speed Guest

    The extras are just used for higher power demanding
    cards like high performance video cards.
    That is the way the early SATA drives were done.
    You're wrong.
    Rod Speed, Nov 23, 2014
  4. 116e32s

    Petzl Guest

    I see Ebay sells a lot of "refurbished" computers
    Petzl, Nov 23, 2014
  5. 116e32s

    Rod Speed Guest

    33 is **** all.
    Rod Speed, Nov 24, 2014
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