When did large external hard drives come formatted with NTFS?

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by PC Guy, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. PC Guy

    PC Guy Guest

    I realize that as hard drives continue to grow in size, that it becomes
    impractical to have the external drives (USB) come preformatted from the
    "factory" as FAT-32. And that some (or most, or all?) external hard
    drives (perhaps over some certain size) come pre-formatted as NTFS.

    But I always thought that NTFS was proprietary to Microsoft, and that
    Microsoft would presumably fight very hard to obtain some sort of
    royalty or license fee for every and any storage device that contains
    their "technology" - I believe they tried very hard to sue every device
    maker (digital cameras, mp3 players, etc) that used internal and
    removable flash memory media formatted as FAT32, claiming that they held
    the patents for FAT32 - but I think that issue is very fuzzy in the

    So what is the status when it comes to large external hard drives and
    their pre-formatted file system configuration? Is there any
    rule-of-thumb when it comes to size and file-system? Has the industry
    adopted any such standards such as, if the drive is larger than 250 or
    500 gb, then it's going to come pre-formatted as NTFS?

    Is Microsoft getting any sort of cut because of that?
    PC Guy, Aug 10, 2009
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