Whats the best free Vista anti-virus

Discussion in 'DIY Computers' started by Nick Le Lievre, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. As subject.
    Nick Le Lievre, Apr 19, 2007
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  2. I use AVG based on posts in Microsoft.public.windows.vista.general

    - There is also Avast.
    Michael Chare, Apr 19, 2007
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  3. Nick Le Lievre

    Paul-B Guest

    Paul-B, Apr 19, 2007
  4. The message <46275a1e$0$9096$>
    Johnny B Good, Apr 19, 2007
  5. The message <>
    Nah! Trust me, killdisk is quicker. :)
    Johnny B Good, Apr 19, 2007
  6. Nick Le Lievre

    Rob Morley Guest

    The problem with that is that it's in danger of becoming popular, so may
    become a target for malware writers. Better to go with something like
    NetBSD. :)
    Rob Morley, Apr 19, 2007
  7. Nick Le Lievre

    Gaz Guest

    ROFL. He was talking about a proper multi use home operating system, not
    some dodgy piece of software that most people wouldnt put on their computer
    if you paid them.

    Gaz, Apr 19, 2007
  8. Nick Le Lievre

    Paul-B Guest

    Ubuntu works beautifully on one of the pc's on my home office
    network... all the usual office-type software, Firefox browser,
    image-processing and CAD software, picked up the wireless card and all
    the printers, including the two networked ones without any problems. I
    can play all my CD's, MP3's and DVD's without having to bother about
    DRM. Hardly "some dodgy piece of software". I take it you don't know a
    lot about Unix or Linux?

    Now some of my clients are using it for their office workstations, and
    lots of others are running it to evaluate. It loads and runs faster
    than that bloated nightmare Vista, costs nothing, needs no virus or
    spyware checkers. Even has Beryl for a better-than-Aero desktop. Has a
    huge helpful community for problems which may arise, not that we've had
    many to date.

    And more than half my corporate clients now use Linux servers instead
    of Windows... better, faster, more secure and free.
    Paul-B, Apr 19, 2007
  9. You stole my line there :)
    I think fdisk would actually be quicker, although as you say, killdisk
    would be more thorough, and perhaps more "satisfying" :)
    Martin Slaney, Apr 20, 2007
  10. Nick Le Lievre

    Rob Morley Guest

    Multi-use as in runs loads of different useful software (including
    common Windows stuff)? Multi-use as in supporting multiple simultaneous
    users? Multi-use as in desktop and server? All pretty well covered.
    Or the Microsoft definition of multi-use - hosts spyware and spambots,
    keeps various MCSE types in work, occasionally doubles as a doorstop?
    They'd rather pay through the nose for some dodgy piece of software to
    make Bill even richer.
    Rob Morley, Apr 20, 2007
  11. Nick Le Lievre

    Gaz Guest

    I dont care if it makes Bill richer, you sound like a vegetarian trying to
    convince us that Tofu really is delicious and more tasty then a freshly
    grilled steak.

    Gaz, Apr 20, 2007
  12. Nick Le Lievre

    Rob Morley Guest

    You sound like someone sticking his fingers in his ears and singing "La
    La La" very loudly. Or maybe you really do think a McDonalds meal is
    better than home-made steak and chips.
    Rob Morley, Apr 20, 2007
  13. What if he finds that Windows does everything he wants an operating system
    to do (as indeed I do)? I play a few games, do some word processing and
    mess about on the net - why would anyone want to bother learning how to use
    a new OS, along with new applications, when they are happy with what they
    are using? Personally I detested Linux when I used it, but it was about 2
    years ago, and it was an old distro then - I`m not in a position to really
    make a comment about Linux right now.

    But seriously, why the apparent need to insult anyones choice of OS? Does
    it really matter enough to start slinging insults round? (that goes for
    both of you :) )
    Simon Finnigan, Apr 20, 2007
  14. Nick Le Lievre

    Les Matthew Guest

    Les Matthew, Apr 20, 2007
  15. Nick Le Lievre

    Gaz Guest

    Gaz, Apr 20, 2007
  16. Must be something wrong with you PC Gaz. I`m using Vista and IE7 and I
    clicked the link also it took me to a page detailing Michael Dell's personal
    computer collection and one of his laptops runs Ubuntu that was the point.
    Nick Le Lievre, Apr 20, 2007
  17. Nick Le Lievre

    Gaz Guest

    I was on XP, and it took about three minutes to get to the link.....

    Gaz, Apr 20, 2007
  18. Nick Le Lievre

    funfly3 Guest

    works here to on XP and Firefox straight to the link in seconds
    funfly3, Apr 21, 2007
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