What makes the iPad Air shut off when the iPad Mini won't shut off?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Danny D., May 4, 2014.

  1. Danny D.

    Danny D. Guest

    Danny D., May 4, 2014
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  2. Danny D.

    David Empson Guest

    Possibly the setting isn't enabled?

    Settings > General > Lock/Unlock should be ON

    It has a description after the setting: "Automatically lock and unlock
    your iPad when you close and open the iPad cover".
    David Empson, May 4, 2014
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  3. Danny D.

    Danny D. Guest

    That seemed like a perfect solution, until, I checked.

    Clearly that option exists for the iPad Air, but,
    unfortunately, just as clearly, that option is wholly
    missing on the iPad Mini (both of which have the latest
    iOS update).


    iPad Air: iPad Mini:
    Auto-Lock Auto-Lock
    Restrictions Restrictions
    Lock / Unlock Date & Time
    Date & Time

    Is the iPad Mini not capable of this case-lock feature?
    Danny D., May 4, 2014
  4. Danny D.

    Danny D. Guest

    Now that I have the keywords to google for, namely:
    "automatically lock and unlock your ipad when you close
    and open the ipad cover"

    It seems that this clever feature is automatically enabled
    (apparently forever) if you just once put a magnet-enhanced
    cover on the iPad Mini, where the magnet is in the right spot:

    You can then remove that magnet-enhanced cover, and the
    feature, I'm told, will remain, forever:

    So, I think, all I need to do, is "trick" the Mini into
    thinking that a magnet-enhanced cover is there, just once:

    Since the trick requires that the magnet be in the "correct
    position" - I need to ask - what is that correct position?
    Danny D., May 4, 2014
  5. Danny D.

    Erilar Guest

    I don't know about the mini, but on the Air, it's the only side with no
    Erilar, May 4, 2014
  6. Danny D.

    Erilar Guest

    I did that early on :cool:
    Erilar, May 4, 2014
  7. Danny D.

    Your Name Guest

    I hope he realises that the iPad Air and iPad Mini are different sizes
    and need different covers. Also, with the design changes, covers for
    older iPads may not properly fit or work with newer iPads.
    Your Name, May 4, 2014
  8. Danny D.

    Danny D. Guest

    I understand.

    I *assume* it's a magnet that controls the lock switch.

    Apparently, the quilted Belkin cover for the Mini is missing that magnet:

    If it is a magnet, then all I need to do on the ipad Mini is to
    glue a magnet onto the Belken cover that I have, which would shut
    off the Mini.

    But where would I put the magnet, is the question.
    Danny D., May 5, 2014
  9. Danny D.

    David Empson Guest

    That's a detail I hadn't noticed before, and I don't have access to any
    iPads which _haven't_ used an Apple iPad cover/case to confirm this.
    If the Belkin cover attaches magnetically to the iPad mini then it
    should "activate" the same cover magnet detection scheme.
    David Empson, May 5, 2014
  10. Danny D.

    Danny D. Guest

    I tested it on a friend's iPad mini, which had the switch option.
    Everything said, so far, turned out to be true.

    1. The right case, enables the software switch to show up.
    2. The software switch remains, even after the magic case is removed.
    3. With the software switch on, the Belkin quilted case failed to lock the iPad.
    Danny D., May 5, 2014
  11. Danny D.

    Your Name Guest

    It will have to be a fairly weak magnet, otherwise you may risk damging
    your iPad. Probably best to pull one out of another iPad cover.

    After that, assuming it is going to work, it should just be a matter of
    running the magnet around the face of the iPad Mini until you find the
    spot where it shuts off.
    Your Name, May 5, 2014
  12. Danny D.

    Guest Guest

    nonsense. there's nothing in an ipad or iphone that can be damaged by a

    the cover doesn't need a strong magnet, but that doesn't mean a
    stronger one is going to be a problem. you have no idea what you're
    talking about.

    there are even cases with large magnets that allow the ipad stick to
    any metal surface, such as a refrigerator and also car mounts with a
    magnet for a quick attach/release with the ipad/iphone in a metal case
    (or with a small metal plate inside an existing case).
    Guest, May 5, 2014
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