What do you suggest for a free iPad music player that accepts MP3files from Linux?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Liam O'Connor, May 29, 2014.

  1. Do you know of a good 3rd-party freeware MP3 player for the iPad?

    In another thread, I was made aware of the wonderful revelation
    that the 3rd-party VLC video player could perform two critical tasks:
    a) Accept video files slid over USB from Linux, and,
    b) Play those files (converted, as needed, with Linux Handbrake).

    Moving on to the next part of the setup, I slid some MP3 files
    over onto the iPad into the VLC/Documents directory.

    They played fine on VLC; but I was wondering if I should just
    put them into the Documents folder of a dedicated MP3 player on
    the iPad.

    Googling for what the default MP3 player is for the iPad, I
    see it's something called "Music" (which makes sense).

    But, the songs slid over don't seem to show up in "Music".
    From my "Videos" experience, it seems that "Music" doesn't make
    its Documents directory available to Linux.

    Apparently, only 3rd-party solutions make their "Documents"
    folder available to Linux.

    Hence my question:
    Do you know of a good 3rd-party freeware MP3 player for the iPad?
    Liam O'Connor, May 29, 2014
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  2. Liam O'Connor

    nospam Guest

    the one that's built in works exceptionally well, but not with your
    crazy workflow.
    nospam, May 29, 2014
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  3. I found this by googing, which defined these free offline iPad MP3 players:

    1. Toones (free) <== gestures
    2. Scrobbler (free) <== album art
    3. iAlbums (free) <== lyrics
    4. TuneWiki Lyrics (free) <== song recognition
    5. Legato (free) <== scrobble music
    6. Splitr (free) <== play different songs out of each earphone
    7. Planetary (free) <== planet and galaxy organization

    Given those songs, I'm testing out Toones first.
    If you have suggestions, it would be nice to know what you think of
    your favorite freeware MP3 player for the iPad.
    Liam O'Connor, May 29, 2014
  4. Hi nospam,

    My computer workflow isn't crazy to most people. :)
    You can call it extremely "simple" though, but not crazy.

    I keep everything KISS.

    My work flow is this trivially simple:
    a) Slide files from the laptop to the iPad at will, over USB,
    b) and, slide files from the iPad to the laptop, at will.
    c) Use whatever app I feel like using in order to play the file.

    As such, I'd be perfectly happy to use the default Music player
    if it would only allow me to move a file into its Documents hierarchy.

    Since the Music player hides its Documents folder, I'm forced
    to find a basic MP3 player that doesn't hide its content.

    This article suggests two alternatives to iPad's "Music" player:

    So I'll try out "Bongiovi DPS", which, that article says is
    better in some ways than the default iPad "Music" app, namely:

    "The play screen displays the usual buttons and controls large
    enough to easily tap on, unlike the tiny ones in the iPad Music app."

    "A button on the play screen lets you ... bump up both the volume
    and quality of the music. So, that benefit alone, makes Bongiovi DPS
    a better choice than the iPad Music app."
    Liam O'Connor, May 29, 2014
  5. Liam O'Connor

    nospam Guest

    actually it is, since most people just use itunes and don't have to
    deal with any of the stuff you're dealing with.
    it's complex and convoluted.
    no you don't.
    nowhere near as trivially simple as just one click in itunes (or no
    click if so configured).
    the music app doesn't have a documents folder. it uses the media
    library which is more than just a folder and is available to any app.

    what you should look for are wireless usb disk apps, which turn the
    device into a wifi hard drive where you can copy whatever you want to

    some of the apps do little more than that, while others can display or
    play the content you've copied including audio, video, pdf, html, jpg,
    tiff, source code and more. some of them even have passwords so only
    you can access their contents, which could be useful if more than one
    user uses the device (usually kids).

    there are a *lot* of these apps with various interfaces and feature
    sets. some are free and some are not. some of the free ones have ads.

    apps that are alternate music players are more than likely going to use
    the media library, which means they won't work for you.
    nospam, May 29, 2014
  6. Hi nospam,

    As you know, I dislike WiFi apps simply because they are slower in
    all cases than USB; but, if that's the only way to get MP3 files to
    play in the built-in iPad apps from Linux, then that's what I'll have
    to do.
    I'm OK with most discreet ads. They have to make their money somehow.
    It's just like TV and radio, and that's OK for freeware.

    Interestingly, all my freeware on Windows & Linux does *not* have
    ads, and most of my freeware on Android has no ads, so, I'm pretty
    sure I can find a free MP3 player that doesn't have obtrusive ads.
    Luckily, VLC freewaqre works just fine with MP3 files, and VLC
    allows me to access its Documents folder, so, it's no problem to
    slide the MP3 files over USB into VLC on the iPad.

    If I can't find anything else on the iPad that both plays MP3
    files and allows you to add to its content, then I guess I'm stuck
    with using VLC freeware for playing songs.

    But, I'm hopeful I can find a free music player for the iPad that
    both plays songs and allows songs to be easily added by USB from
    Liam O'Connor, May 29, 2014
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