What a stuff up - Public schools won't connect to NBN

Discussion in 'Computing' started by Rob, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Public schools won't connect to NBN

    Minnamurra Public School will not be connected to the National Broadband
    Network for several years despite the fact the fibre cable runs past the

    A five-year contract between the NSW Education Department and Telstra
    means no government schools in the state are likely to join the
    high-speed network before 2014.

    A department spokeswoman said schools had been advised not to connect at
    this stage.

    Kiama Downs and Minnamurra are among the first areas to hook up to the
    NBN, which is already live at about 400 homes.

    Infrastructure required for the Minnamurra school to be connected is
    understood to be in place.

    The department spokeswoman said the deal with Telstra had been in place
    since 2009 and the existing network supported about 400,000 computers in
    more than 2660 sites statewide.

    "The network reliably delivers advanced technologies such as
    video-conferencing and rich digital teaching and learning objects to
    schools," she said.

    "At present, the National Broadband offerings, including its interim
    satellite service, do not match our current standard and breadth of

    "As a result, schools have been advised not to connect to the NBN at
    this stage."

    She said the department examined potential opportunities and "may" look
    at connecting in the future. It would continue to monitor services
    offered over the $36 billion network.

    The Mercury understands the department has already investigated how NBN
    services compare with the Telstra deal.

    Minnamurra Public School principal Warren Grosse said his school was
    happy with its existing internet services and had simply assumed it
    would be connected because it fell within the first release site.

    "We were getting pretty excited and I thought what a great opportunity
    to be a leading school in that particular area," he said.

    He understands government schools can opt to join the network at their
    own cost.

    Nine schools nationwide have already been connected, including
    government schools in South Australia and Tasmania and Armidale in NSW.

    "As we are in the early stages of the roll-out, many school systems will
    be in the same position as individuals and need to consider existing
    contractual commitments when looking at an NBN connection," an NBN Co
    spokeswoman said.

    "The NBN is a 9?-year project, so state governments will have other
    connection contracts in place to serve those areas not yet in the NBN
    service area."

    NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli did not respond to Mercury inquiries.

    Rob, Dec 21, 2011
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  2. Rob

    Rod Speed Guest

    Rob wrote
    No surprises there.
    Then they wont connect at all, because the Gillard govt will be gone
    by then and so will the NBN.
    Because it wont be around for long.
    Dont believe that number.
    Wota terminal fuckwit.
    Just another shit rag.
    Rod Speed, Dec 21, 2011
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  3. Rob

    terryc Guest

    No, it isn't a stuff up. The education deptartment obviously tendered
    for their network needs about 2007/2008 and went with the best available
    offer then. At that stage the NBN was pipe dream. End of story. When the
    curent contract is due to expire, they will start looking for new
    tenders for the contract.
    terryc, Dec 21, 2011
  4. Rob

    B J Foster Guest

    What happened to Gillard's promise to provide broadband to schools

    The Internet revolution will be over by the time the NBN is ready.

    Labor morons.
    B J Foster, Dec 21, 2011
  5. Rob

    D Martin Guest

    Errr... where is the stuff up?
    Telsta has the contract 2009 - 2014. So public schools wont be connected to
    the NBN for several years. What did you expect?
    D Martin, Dec 21, 2011
  6. That's due to happen just as soon as no Australian child will live
    without a laptop in school by 2011.
    You're not kidding. Abbott's going to have one hell of a job in 2013.
    Oy Rool Out a Carbon Tax, Dec 21, 2011
  7. Rob

    terryc Guest

    Lol, stupid thing has been going for decades now and it is just getting
    sillier and sillier all the time. no sigs of that stopping.
    terryc, Dec 21, 2011
  8. Rob

    B J Foster Guest

    Is the NBN an 'intergenerational change' because this generation will
    never see it, or because the next generation will have to pay for it?

    Kids at school now, must be grateful for the NSW/Telstra deal. If the
    internet is becoming essential for education, kids all over the country
    - except Armidale and a couple of outlying towns in Tassie - will have
    to have alternative solutions.

    Q. Who're you gonna call?
    A. Telstra. ROTFL.

    Izzat why Conjob opened the war by firing $11b at Telstra?

    PS: Labor idiots
    B J Foster, Dec 21, 2011
  9. Rob

    B J Foster Guest

    Promised by Gillard: *All* schools connected.
    Achieved by Gillard: None

    By the time we see the NBN, thse kids will be adults already.

    Labor idiots
    B J Foster, Dec 21, 2011
  10. Rob

    Clocky Guest

    Anti-government nonsense from the usual pro-liberal sources ofcourse...

    Anyone who thinks the NBN is a bad thing is not thinking of Australia's long
    term future. Why are people in this country so fucking scared of change and
    progress? Just get it done already.
    Clocky, Dec 21, 2011
  11. Rob

    Rob Guest

    This goes to show how pathetic NBN will be.

    Schools advised not to connect to NBN: minister
    22 Dec, 2011 04:00 AM

    NSW public schools get a better broadband deal using the Education
    Department's existing services than they would under existing National
    Broadband Network offerings, State Education Minister Adrian Piccoli says.

    The minister's comments follow revelations Minnamurra Public School will
    not be connected to the NBN for several years, despite the fact the
    fibre cable already runs past the school.

    "The NSW Department of Education and Communities offers its schools and
    students one of the most advanced technologies available," Mr Piccoli said.

    "The network reliably delivers advanced technologies such as video
    conferencing, filtered internet browsing and rich digital teaching and
    learning objects, all backed up by quality service at a committed
    broadband speed."

    NSW public schools had been advised not to connect to the NBN at this
    stage, he confirmed.

    A memo from the Education Department to schools also says NBN offerings
    "will not meet our needs".

    A five-year contract between the Department of Education and Telstra
    means public schools are unlikely to connect to the NBN before 2014,
    although the department continues to evaluate services.

    Schools that are able to access the NBN can choose to connect at their
    own cost.

    Mr Piccoli said Minnamurra Public School used less than half of its
    broadband capacity at present.

    "Should Minnamurra Public School in the future need increased bandwidth
    to address its educational needs, there are processes in place whereby
    it can apply for an upgrade, and that application will be considered on
    its merits," he said.

    The school has indicated it is happy with existing services.

    Kiama Downs and Minnamurra were among the first to access the NBN, which
    will eventually reach all Australian premises.

    A spokeswoman for the Federal Government's Department of Broadband said
    it was up to customers, including schools, to decide when they wanted to
    take up services over the network.

    Broadband Minister Stephen Conroy was unavailable for comment late
    yesterday afternoon.

    Rob, Dec 21, 2011
  12. Rob

    Rob Guest

    See the reply and the current situation does not look promising for anyone.

    Rob, Dec 21, 2011
  13. Rob

    Rob Guest

    That was a complete stuffup.
    Rob, Dec 21, 2011
  14. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Rob, Dec 21, 2011
  15. Rob

    B J Foster Guest

    No one is scared of change - except under Labor.

    Progress is what we are getting from wireless providers and Nextgen.
    Labor OTOH talks a lot about progress, but have set us back in almost
    every conceivable economic dimension.
    B J Foster, Dec 21, 2011
  16. Rob

    B J Foster Guest

    Here it is:

    "THE Gillard government has quietly scrapped the $100 million Fibre
    Connection to Schools initiative established to complement Labor's
    ambitious computers in schools rollout.

    The broadband program was part of federal Labor's 2007 digital education
    revolution election pledge.

    The high-speed connection was meant to cover schools *outside* the
    National Broadband Network footprint.

    The DER, which was to equip every secondary student with a computer and
    high-speed internet access, was a key part of Labor's Kevin 07 campaign.

    But four years on, the proposal championed by Julia Gillard while in
    opposition and as education minister has vanished".

    B J Foster, Dec 21, 2011
  17. Rob

    Clocky Guest

    There is no change under Liberal, probably why you like them so much. Your
    paranoid and weak little mind doesn't get overwhelmed with new, progressive
    As a high speed solution for the masses wireless is hopeless in terms of
    reliability, speed and bandwidth.
    Clocky, Dec 21, 2011
  18. Rob

    terryc Guest

    Hint, the Dept of Education(OWETACTD) organises it in bulk. It has to.
    If I remeber it correctly, it has the largest education network in the
    world and the third(?) largest private network. It has a very serious
    job and has to make sure thatnetwork is ultra-secure.
    terryc, Dec 22, 2011
  19. Rob

    terryc Guest

    And I don't care. As far as I can see, the extra stuff on the internet
    adds very little to human existence. They want to use it, then they can
    pay for it. <cue rolling list of similar major national projects>.
    terryc, Dec 22, 2011
  20. Rob

    B J Foster Guest

    I don't like gubbermint. Sane, rational people recoil from socialist
    fuckwits promising 'change' and 'reform'.

    All you have done is hand us a *fifty* *billion* dollar bill to pay.

    Paranoid? You got it. Anyone who promises 'no carbon tax' and then signs
    us up to a $10b pa liability, destination of money unknown is dangerous.
    Labor's fiscal policies can be summed up with one word: moneycide!
    Labor morons have never justified the need for 'high speed' - the whole
    thing is just an excuse to bury money in the ground - a favourite Labor
    pastime - as long as it's someone else's money.

    Wireless can be done in 2-3 years, good, bad, ugly, whatever - it
    *exists* *ten* *years* before fibre. Labor morons.
    B J Foster, Dec 22, 2011
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