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Discussion in 'Computing' started by AlexT, May 27, 2004.

  1. AlexT

    AlexT Guest

    I have learned that when a spider claims the inside of a computer his
    own, then decides to stand on the video card, it is enough to screw up
    the video card.

    I have learned that when the owner of the computer is informed that
    their computer is not working because the video card has been broken by
    a spider, they will not believe you.

    I have learned that when you show that owner photos of the spider
    standing on their video card, they'll still be skeptical deep down, and
    think you're ripping them off for the cost of a new video card.

    I have learned that I'm sick of desktop support.
    AlexT, May 27, 2004
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  2. AlexT

    Bob Guest

    here here...I agree and sympathise with you - as I too have to deal with
    these nuff nuffs.

    I say we tell em all to get fucked and fix their own machines.
    Bob, May 27, 2004
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  3. AlexT

    Unknown Guest

    Do I hear a job going somewhere?
    Unknown, May 27, 2004
  4. AlexT

    Unknown Guest

    Went to a woman a few weeks back who's machine was erratic on Internet.
    Removed 3 different worms and a whole load of spyware, tested it and updated
    her Nortons for about an hour (had to reinstall from the original CD so it
    needed a lot of updating) and all was OK, not a problem. Checked her Win98SE
    critical updates and there were about 20megs that needed to be done. I told
    her that (which was the mistake I made) and then she said to start it. I
    told her how to get back there if it all didn't work for any reason. She
    rings up that night - cant get it to do it. The modem hung up on her. She
    cant figure out how to get back there. So I tell her all I can do, then, is
    bring it home, install them on my ADSL connection and bring it back. I did
    that and returned the machine charging her 2 hours as I spent 2 hours at
    home doing it all and an hour in total driving there and back to pick it up
    and then return it. She was incensed that I had the hide to charge her and
    told me I didn't do my job and she shouldn't have to pay. Then she up and
    gave me the money, told me to get out and never come back. At that point I
    didn't bother explaining anything further to her and just left. I should
    have charged at least 3 hours but didn't.

    You will not keep everyone happy.
    Unknown, May 27, 2004
  5. AlexT

    Ian Guest

    it to a shop. I was going to rant and rave but you all have been there so I
    won't say anymore.
    Ian, May 27, 2004
  6. AlexT

    rello Guest

    i guess what i learned was that you bust ur butt for a client and
    don't charge for everything to try and keep the price reasonable and
    they still reckon ur getting up there skirt,,,so i now charge the lot
    like yesterday had a client who couldnt install a firewire card so i
    called around and the machine was trashed...spyware diallers and it
    took 4 ever to boot so i took my time and finally got the card to work
    and video ex the camcorder on the screen.......when i told her the
    computer was a mess and it needed a format and reload she got really
    cranky and said a friend of hers had cleaned it up last week and it
    was just fine.....what can you say?.....i was trying to work on the
    machine in a poky little area barely big enough to turn around in with
    a barred entrance as a 3 year old kid was on the loose in the house
    ......she finally let the kid in with me when the kid started
    screaming.....i was hoping the kid would grab my stanley knife out of
    my case and spike herself with it...i would have been sued for
    neglicence.....sad part is the, the adolescent daoughter was due home
    from school with an important VCE project on video editing an i just
    knew it wouldnt be possible on this flaky machine.....so i added up
    the minutes and chaged her for every one....we all know hat with a
    clean os the job of putting in a new card should be a 5 minute job but
    after endless reboots and crahes her bill was over $100.00...because
    she saw video from the camcorder on screen she thought it was fully
    fixed.....so dont do no favours for nothing.....
    rello, May 28, 2004
  7. AlexT

    Codswallop Guest

    Or even if you do happen to fix a friend's PC, they usually end up
    stuffing the whole system and blame what it was you did.

    Stuff 'em, I say. Maybe next time I fix a clueless friend's PC I will
    just implement a policy that stops them doing anything.
    Codswallop, May 28, 2004
  8. AlexT

    Mick Guest

    I have learned that no matter how mutch you set up some DUMASS'S PC up for
    them ( Reinstall (fresh)WIN updates, antivirus updates, Install new
    Firewall) thell still find a way to completley stuff it up and then try to
    blame you for nor doing there Virus updates blame you for opening that
    suspect e-mail blame you for turning off the antivirus program because it
    was slowing down the downloads. Blame you For their Shitty choise in ISP'S,
    Blame you for them buying a shitty pc, ane the best Bleme you when they
    have to drag ther slack asses in to thestall to get there pc fixed only to
    find the reason for the pc stopping inthe first place WAS A SHITLOAD OF
    DUst IN the ram slots ect( oh and they blame you for there dirty house
    too)...... OH they blame you for loosing there information when there hdd
    dies and they havent backed up What next

    Ever notice that when a customer comes in with a buisness pc that windows
    has craped out they want there buisness files backed up and THERE ALL MP3'S
    Mick, May 28, 2004
  9. AlexT

    Oldus Fartus Guest

    At least they could never accuse you of writing a coherent sentence.
    Oldus Fartus, May 28, 2004
  10. AlexT

    Justin Thyme Guest

    Only a spider? wow - wait till you get a frog smeared across the drum of a
    laser printer, a lizard or a baby red-bellied black snake in a computer
    power supply, and a dozen dead and rotting mice inside a computer
    Especially if the machine is still under warranty - after all, if it's under
    warranty they should get it fixed for free shouldn't they? Viruses are the
    worst for "i'm not paying because it's under warranty". Virus writers create
    plenty of work for tech's (i'm a former tech now - hooray), but
    unfortunately a lot of it has to get done for free because the arsehole
    customer just absolutely refuses to pay.
    Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in the industry who really don't
    have a clue, and a lot who do rip people off for services and products they
    don't really need. Many customer's either have been ripped off in the past,
    or know someone who was, so even when though your business ethics are 100%
    honest, they still suspect you are ripping them off. Just one example where
    a Dodgy operator got caught out: I had a customer who had bought a system
    off me bring it back in to get it fixed properly after this other guy had
    replaced their mainboard but still hadn't got the system working properly.
    We noticed that the "new" mainboard had our serial # sticker on it, but
    checking our database it didn't belong to that particular system. We
    contacted the owner of the system that it belonged to, and it turned out
    that they had also been sold a new mainboard by the same operator, and were
    still having problems. We asked them to check it, and it had our serial #
    sticker on it too, and turned out it was the one originally fitted to
    "customer a"'s computer. The dodgy operator had basically swapped the two
    customers mainboards, and charged them both for "new" mainboards, in
    addition to his labour. His labour was $10/hr cheaper than our rate and that
    was the reason the customer's took their computers to him, although both
    ultimately brought them back to us to be fixed properly. The _real_ problem
    turned out to be viruses. Amazingly though, both customers just accepted
    his charges, and couldn't be bothered pursuing him for fraud, or even
    pursuing him for a refund on the job that he didn't do properly.
    Yep gets that way.
    The ones I hate are the customers who get viruses on their computer, bring
    it in to get it fixed, but refuse to buy a scanning program. a few days
    later they are back again, because they have got the virus again, and this
    time they are angry claiming that the job wasn't done properly the first
    time, and absolutely refusing to pay (in some cases even demanding a refund
    on the original job). In the end we decided to add $100 to cover the price
    of Norton/McAfee/Trend into every virus removal job - when a customer came
    in with viruses, we wouldn't even touch the job unless they were prepared to
    pay us at least $200 to cover our time and the program. It did help reduce
    the incidence of problems a little - the ones who were too tight to buy
    virus removal programs went elsewhere, so they didn't keep bringing their
    problems back to us. Of course it didn't help with the "my computer is under
    warranty and it isn't working" jobs that turned out to be virus related (and
    the customer still refused to buy A/V software). I've also had a number of
    "please explain"'s from the office of fair trading, asking us to explain why
    we have given the customer a refund because their computer needed to be
    repaired 5 times in a month - thankfully fair trading do understand the
    concept of "customer's computer had viruses, customer refuses to purchase
    antivirus software", but it still gives you a bad name with the customer.
    Basically computers are now a consumer item, but aren't simple enough to use
    for the stupids that buy them. To someone who knows nothing about computer
    operation, it should be as easy to use as their TV - if their TV won't show
    them the program they want to watch it is faulty, so they don't understand
    that if a computer won't do what they want, it is probably because of some
    malicious software.
    Justin Thyme, May 28, 2004
  11. AlexT

    atec Guest

    Now you know why I don't readily support micksoft . Nix rulez :p
    atec, May 28, 2004
  12. AlexT

    Justin Thyme Guest

    I don't wanna start a windows/linux flame war, but realistically, if a
    person isn't really smart enough to know how to use windows, how the hell
    are they supposed to use a unix-based system? Providing *nix to a customer
    is just asking for trouble...
    "i can't get this printer working" - "sorry that isn't linux compatible"
    "i just bought a new internal modem and it won't work" - "sorry that isn't
    linux compatible"
    "i bought [practically any game/program] from you and it won't work" -
    "sorry that isn't linux compatible"
    I'm afraid customers won't accept those answers - and you'd probably find
    yourself in a situation where you are forced to refund the computer because
    it won't run any common applications or hardware, either that or you are
    subsequently forced to refund various hardware and software peripherals.
    Linux is great for people who know what they are doing, for servers, and for
    computers that have limited uses, but for the average schmuck who wants to
    run consumer applications and who doesn't want to be limited in their choice
    of printer/scanner/modem/etc, it just won't cut the mustard. And a user who
    doesn't know what they are doing, but knows the root password is capable of
    a hell of a lot of damage to the system.
    Yes *nix systems don't have as many viruses, but that's only because their
    installed base is nowhere near as big. If *nix represented the same portion
    of the market that MS does now, then *nix would have the same portion of
    viruses and other threats that MS does now. The system is just as
    vulnerable (ever been the victim of a rootkit?).
    Justin Thyme, May 28, 2004
  13. AlexT

    atec Guest

    Boy oh boy , do you byte well . check out e-smith . for all intents and
    purposes for the customer base ( majority ) I have its a great sever ,
    and very very much cheaper than the comparable m/s product...
    What they use on the desk op other than win2k aint my problem..
    atec, May 28, 2004
  14. AlexT

    Mick Guest

    Some of us are better with a screwdriver than with the pen. Being a Computer
    tech i know whitch one i need the most. Becides you get the point.
    Mick, May 29, 2004
  15. AlexT

    Oldus Fartus Guest

    Well some of us can be good at both, and no, I do not get your point.

    Those customers you like to bag can provide your bread and butter, or
    pay your rent. It doesn't matter whether they fuckup their own
    computers and then have to pay to get them fixed. It is all part of
    the job for those of us in the trade.

    If you can't handle the job, then get out of it.
    Oldus Fartus, May 29, 2004
  16. AlexT

    Black Adder Guest

    Dito! the same goes for research. We don't know everything, yet nobody
    wants to pay for you to research how to fix their problem. But they're
    quite happy for you to fix it.
    Black Adder, May 29, 2004
  17. AlexT

    Will Sutton Guest

    the problem is there are so many dishonest rip off merchants out there
    and quite a few are in the computer support industry
    Will Sutton, May 29, 2004
  18. AlexT

    Will Sutton Guest

    Why not put AVG on the computer or tell them about it ?
    Will Sutton, May 29, 2004
  19. AlexT

    Mick Guest

    Nasty Nasty,
    No Accusing BUT... You sound like the type of Tech that takes advantage of
    People that have limited knollage of computers and their applications, Too
    me it sounds like you'll rather always fix a problem rather than solve the
    problem forever. Thus taking advantage of the small newbie to the computer
    world. Let me guess when a person brings a computer in with a virus you
    just remove the virus, rather then explaining to the customer the advantages
    of antivirus, or even how to use/update their antivirus.

    I'll repair any computer brought in to me. But when I repair a computer 12
    times in 2 months I believe I have the right to tell the person off,
    especially it the person is blaming me for their stuffup's, whether it be
    from them disabling their Antivirus,using pirated and untested software,
    Deleting files in the windows directory (to free up space for porn), playing
    with fDisk or part programs when they don't even have the basics of DOS.
    I'll fix anything if the person is guanine enough, But if they start to
    blame the machine hardware for there own stuffups, Or even blame be I wont
    put as much heart into it. It seems no Matter how many times you tell
    People to backup data, update antivirus def and not to install illegal or
    bodgie software they will always try it again and stuff their install all
    over again then come in and tell you that you did repair it properly last
    time. Now I Dare you to tell me that this has not ever happened to you!!

    In my opinion to help someone to understand there computer and how it works
    can save you a lot of time and gain you new happy customers.

    A strict NO BULLSHIT way to keep customers happy.
    Mick, May 29, 2004
  20. AlexT

    Justin Thyme Guest

    because we would 2 or 3 computers every week that were freezing at startup,
    and the problem was traced to AVG - remove AVG and they would work fine.
    Justin Thyme, May 29, 2004
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