Discussion in 'System Security & Infection Support' started by weman4u, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. weman4u

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    Hi guys ..I've just had an email from 1 of my friends saying that I have a virus but I've done a full system scan and nothing found... this is what he told me

    My security system
    alerted me saying that the email that you sent me might contain harmful data ( email you canny make that up ) i did
    open it and it seemed harmless. However about 2 weeks ago i opened one of your emails and all the email addresses
    on the heading suddenly appeared in my contact list. I spoke to a guy here who is well up on computers and he told me
    to tell you that a virus may have been sent to your computer without your knowledge and that you should get your computer
    checked out

    as I have said nothing found.....I sent the emails through Yahoo and I have AVG 9 witch checks my outlook express emails please ..weman4u :(
    weman4u, Apr 1, 2010
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  2. weman4u

    Maurice Bloody good bloke VIP Member

    Jun 25, 2009
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    London England
    Did you send any emails to this friend that match the email theat they received? It is possible that those emails that your friend received may have come from another infected machine and your email address has been spoofed.

    Possibly someone else that you know has got an infected machine and it is spewing forth spam utilising harvested email addresses.

    In the meantime, with what did you check your system to make sure it isn't infected? No single AV package is 100% and there is always a chance that a rootkit or some other nasty IS lurking there and your AV software doesn't see it.

    What AV program/programs have you got? Are they the newest versions? Are signatures up-to-date?

    You can download McAfee RootKit detector from

    I would also suggest getting hold of MalWareBytes and running that too.
    Maurice, Apr 1, 2010
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