[tweak] Pagefile tweak for Win2k and XP

Discussion in 'Software' started by James, May 9, 2003.

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    Dec 24, 2002
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    [tip] Pagefile tweak for Win2k and XP

    This is a pretty important tweak that should be done for Windows / disk access performance.

    For best results, if you have two hard disks, your pagefile should be on a separate disk, and it's min size should be set to the max size.

    If you have one disk and more then one partition, then this will still help out.

    • Right click My Computer | Properties | Advanced | Performance options | Change.
    • Set the C drive min and max to 0, then on either your second disk or other partition set the min to your max.
    • Reboot your pc.
    All this does is specifies a set size for your pagefile, and keeps it off from your OS partion. Your pagefile can fragment a lot, so keeping it on a less accessed part of your HD, will help performance.
    James, May 9, 2003
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