Toshiba Satellite laptop and Recovery Disc problems

Discussion in 'Computing' started by MJT, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. MJT

    MJT Guest

    A mate's Toshiba satellite laptop recently had a CPU cooling fan
    failure. He had to order one in. Meanwhile his kids continued to use the
    laptop with it automatically shutting down when CPU temp went into

    He got the new cooling fan, installed it. However, he was unable to boot
    the laptop. Got errors or something. Can't remember exactly. He brought
    it around explaining that he tried to run the recovery disc. However,
    when it got to the part where it needed to format the drive (it wouldn't
    work any other way), he got a message, "track zero bad" - disc

    Hmm. Looks like a fucked HDD. However, while his laptop had Win XP Home
    installed, the disc that came with the laptop booted into DOS initially
    with a message "Windows 98 loading". It would load CDROM (MSCDEX
    drivers) etc. When it came to formatting the HDD it would then fail.

    I was suspicious. If it had NTFS formatting, could a Win98 FAT/32 system
    be able to reformat it? If not, then perhaps it sees such a message.

    I then got a WinXP disc out and booted from it, and ran install. It
    worked fine and reformatted and reinstalled WinXP. But not his version,
    though. After it installed, we ran the recovery disc again and it merely
    loaded a display for us to install the various drivers for the laptop.

    I'm still not sure what happened that his Toshiba Windows Recovery disc
    wouldn't work properly to rebuild the system. Would I be correct or
    incorrect with my theory about a Win98 disc not being able to read a
    NTFS partition and seeing it as corrupted?
    MJT, Dec 18, 2005
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  2. MJT

    Lord-Data Guest

    Probably not the best idea..
    Very useful. Thanks.
    Despite your solution working for now, i'd be highly suspect of that HDD.
    Thermal damage affects a lot more of a laptop than just the CPU .. running
    it in an overheating state could well have caused damage to the hdd..
    Ever seen a boot disc boot directly into windows? Would you want to recover
    from windows mode anyway? *VERY* common for recovery image discs to boot 98
    or WinPXE before ghosting back the image.
    Of course. It couldn't make it NTFS again, but it can wipe it and format it
    till the cows come home.
    "ran" the recovery disc eh? As in, put it in the drive while in windows? How
    funny it only offered to load drivers .. Try booting from it like you did
    the first time .. nothing's changed, these discs usually, if not always,
    work in both modes ..
    Nothing happened. You didn't boot from it.

    Very incorrect.
    Lord-Data, Dec 18, 2005
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  3. MJT

    Rod Speed Guest

    Yes, its possible to run a ute that can do that on 98.

    One obvious example is an imaging app like Ghost which can
    restore an NTFS partition to a hard drive when running on DOS.
    Nope, it should be able to format the drive
    regardless of how it was originally formatted.
    You should run Everest and check the SMART data for the hard
    drive and check if it got fucked running with no fan for a while.

    Try wiping the hard drive with something like clearhdd from
    That may well allow you to run the recovery disk again.
    No, it should be able to restore an image fine. It may have decided
    that the track zero was bad. Its also possible that track zero was bad
    with a bad sector in that track and the write that the XP install did got
    the drive to spare the bad sector in that track. That will show up in
    the Everest SMART display as a reallocated sector.
    Rod Speed, Dec 18, 2005
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