There are a lot of fanbois out there

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Michelle Steiner, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. 20,000 orders per hour. That's 333 1/3 per minute, or about 5.5 per
    second. And since no one but a fanboi will buy one (just ask Larry or
    "news" if you don't believe that), that means there are a hell of a lot of
    fanbois out there.


    We just bought two iPads, about 30 minutes apart. Our order IDs are 10,000
    apart. Assuming those order IDs are sequential, and they appear to be, then
    Apple is selling 20,000 iPads per hour. Assuming most orders are for the
    $499 model, and that people are only buying 1 per order, that means Apple
    is selling $10MM/hour. Of course that is not sustainable, but if they did
    it for a year, it would be $87.6B.

    Now, of course, we can’t be sure every order was for an iPad. Apple does
    sell other stuff. But at 830am in the morning on the east coast, my guess
    is that most of the orders were for iPads.

    This also means that Apple will sell out of all devices built in the
    initial manufacturing run sometime this week.
    Michelle Steiner, Mar 13, 2010
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