The Ultimate Survival Guides!

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    The Ultimate Survival Guides!
    A 4 CD set containing almost 500 US Military Field manuals in PDF (Adobe Reader needed) and HTML formats.

    That's 2.44 gigabytes of information! Thousands of pages of manuals, including detailed images and graphics!

    *These are not the partial or outdated collections you will see elsewhere on E-Bay or other websites.

    - Survivability, Cold Weather Survival, Water Survival, Survival handbook, Survival Evasion & Recovery, Map reading,
    Topographic symbols, Tropical Skin diseases, First Aid training, Camouflage, Understand & survive terrorism, and more.

    - Pathfinder Operations, Ranger Unit Ops, Long Range Surveillance, Infantry Recon Airborne, Amphibious Ops,
    Airborne Ops, Counterguerrila Ops, Riverine ops and more.

    - NBC Field Manual, Personnel doctrine, Army Operations, Attack Helicopter ops, Field Artillery tactics, Field Artillery
    - cannons, Scout platoons, Tank platoons, Tactical use of mortars, Physical security, Smoke operations, Countermobility, and more.

    - Sniper training, Hand to hand combat, Combatives, Combat in built up areas, Urban Warfare, Jungle ops,
    Desert Ops, Northern Ops, Combat Skills, Mountain Ops, Light Armor ops and more.

    - Explosives disposal, M203 40mm grenade launcher, Pistol/revolver training, Air defense artillery,
    Light anti-armor, Light armor ops and more.

    - Counter intel, Counter recon intel, Visual Aircraft Recognition, Technical intel,
    Imagery intel, Information warfare, Information ops, Tactical LAN mgmt and more.

    - Risk Management, Supply Storage, Water Supply mgmt, Field hygiene & sanitation, Military Police, S
    witched Backbone, Religious leaders, Information mgmt.

    A must have for hunters, outdoorsmen, survivalists, prospective military personnel, gun owners, or anyone wanting to learn something new.

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    survival, Sep 22, 2004
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