The joy of hunting. What pro hunt nuts dont want you to see. LOOK Video

Discussion in 'PC Technical Talk' started by Oz, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Oz

    Oz Guest

    LOOK video

    5MB Fox being dug out ready to run for its life again

    2MB Fox being killed (slowly) by hounds then thrown by hunter

    5MB Two people tormenting a fox and enjoying it

    3MB Distressed stag being drowned

    2MB Stag falling at hedge with hounds upon it

    2MB Another distressed wounded stag in a garden

    2MB Stag being whipped in a river

    3MB Very tired stag - but they enjoy this of course

    1MB Quick nip to the neck - deer

    2MB Stag being drowned

    2MB Hare coursing

    1MB Hare being chased by Holcombe Hunt
    2MB More hares
    Oz, Jun 10, 2007
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  2. Oz

    Jim Webster Guest

    Appalling videos showing why the hunt ban was so necessary. We simply
    cannot let this lunatic fringe free on society.
    Jim Webster, Jun 11, 2007
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