testing DLT tapes

Discussion in 'Storage' started by Scott Norwood, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. I have about fifty used DLT tapes of unknown origin. In principle,
    I'm very reluctant to use them for anything important, but I'd
    consider using them if I had some way of verifying the integrity
    of the media.

    Is there any tool that I could use to write something to every
    block on the tape, read it back, and indicate if there were any
    media errors (even those that can be corrected)? I'm using HP-UX
    and Linux, so it would have to run on one of those platforms.
    Thanks...I couldn't find anything like this with a quick Google
    Scott Norwood, Sep 17, 2003
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  2. Scott Norwood

    Al Dykes Guest

    The Quantum DLT drives I've used had very good reporting about tape
    usage and error rates. I was using Veritas backup software and that
    was what I was getting the information from. I have no idea what
    other way there are to get the statistics.

    I didn't test tapes, I just did my daily backups. If a particulat tape
    showed error rates (per gigabyte) much higher than the others I
    rotated it to less important use. I never saw a hard (unreadable)
    error on a DLT tape.

    Remember to use a cleaning cartridge whenever the "clean-me" light
    comes on.

    At least some of the DLT cartridge manufacturers have a
    no-questions-asked lifetime warantee, which makes using recycled carts
    a no-brainer for me. I liked Fuji and I called them about the
    warantee they said no prrof of purchase was required to replace a
    failed cart. I never had to get one replaced.
    Al Dykes, Sep 18, 2003
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