SUN StorageTek 2540 Array degraded after powering on the trays inthe wrong order - data loss???

Discussion in 'Storage' started by Martin Vonavka, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    I have a problem to loose data on two Expansion units (StorageTek 2501)
    connected to the above mentioned controller - due to power up first the
    controller and after it the 2 trays. This is exact the reverse order it
    should be done - not giving the chance for the controller to recognize
    disks within the trays. After this step all disks in the trays were
    To power off the whole storage and power it up again in the right order
    doesn't change anything.
    In the CAM(Commmon Array Manager)-Software for this sort of storage
    there is no button to put the disk on "enabled".
    For me it is a bug in the controller firmware, for SUN it is an
    additional feature (to make the disk "online" again) which was not
    intended for this storage (for StorageTek 6100-series there is such a
    Well I tried a couple of things - pull out the disks (SAS disks
    hotpluggable) of the trays in poweroff state, and put them back again in
    poweron state hoping the controller will recognize them again (correct
    the DACstore on the disks), upgraded CAM-Software (along with
    appropriate firmware), nothing helps. There is nothing wrong physically
    neither with the disks nor with the storage - both are in good shape.

    Is there a suggestion which could be helpfull or is the only way to look
    for company specialized on restoring data from RAID systems - which
    would be very expensive (but the data are also)?

    Thanks in advance.
    Martin Vonavka, Jul 7, 2010
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