Suggestions for ridding myself of some malware

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Stevey Sandlin, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. While researching the movie "Stick It" to see if my children should
    watch it, I ran a foul of some (I guess it is called) Mal Ware.
    What is did was change my home page which I was able to reset most
    easily (unlike the time I had to edit my reg setting to fix) but now
    whenever I open a web site, I get two or three other windows opening.
    One is for "E-Bay" and the other two vary.

    I ran A squared and it deleted some stuff but didn't fix the problem.
    I found some stuff that was running and killed the process, found some
    DIRs that shouldn't have been and deleted them but still no luck.

    Can someone suggest a free program or a trial program that could fix
    this? If I have to pay I will, so what would be the best program for
    my $.

    Your help is most appreciated.
    Steve S.
    Stevey Sandlin, Sep 24, 2006
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  2. Stevey Sandlin

    Jan Alter Guest

    Jan Alter, Sep 24, 2006
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  3. Stevey Sandlin

    Jan Alter Guest

    I've found Adware and Spybot both pretty good. They're both free and both
    should be run one after the other as they find different things. I've had
    better luck with Spysweeper (which cost $). Today's computing requires
    security beyond an anti-virus program.
    Jan Alter, Sep 24, 2006
  4. Stevey Sandlin

    JAD Guest

    Adaware SE and if your browser is highjacked then ' Highjackthis.exe ' also
    JAD, Sep 25, 2006
  5. Stevey Sandlin

    spodosaurus Guest

    That's AdAware:

    (also not the same as Ada-ware, which I thought was spyware playing on
    the name...)
    You can also opt to not us the security nightmare that is Internet
    Explorer and stop approving all sorts of shit for download and automatic

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    spodosaurus, Sep 25, 2006
  6. Stevey Sandlin

    Johanna Guest

    Hi Steve
    This is mainly a hardware group, but everybody sympathises with what
    happened to you here.
    Like the others said, run Adaware etc, perhaps also a registry cleaner
    As Internet Explorer is integrated witht he Windows OS, it is quite
    difficult to manage.

    You really should consider using the Firefox or Opera browser instead of
    IE. They give you much better control. If something happens that you
    don't like and can't fix, you can always uninstall, clean the -registry
    and re-install.The problem will be gone.
    Your browser cannot be hi-jacked or abused as easily at all with these

    Firefox is completely superior to IE as a browser. The experience is
    much nicer, particularly using tabbed browsing and some of the very
    useful plugins. You are in charge, not Microsoft.. Also as anybody knows
    who has done CSS development for the web - IE is chocabloc full of bugs!

    Also be suspicious when you are online - Generally, anything that you
    didn't ask for is bad. Avoid clicking any buttons or anything else in
    popups and similar. Just close the popup with the Windows close button
    in the right hand corner.

    One more thing: you appear to have used your real email address and name
    in the group. This may not be such a good thing: Any real email address
    found on newsgroup is automatically collected by spam email harvesters.
    Using your real email in a newsgroup just once will mean spam for YEARS.
    (trust me, I know.. :-( I accidentally used it once. )

    If you use your real name when posting, assuming it is reasonably
    uncommon, people can search for your name and find the postings that
    you made to newsgroups. Even though your usage is completely above the
    water, you may still may not want others to find out what you say in
    newsgroups - particularly people who run your name through Google for
    whatever reason. Potential employers, nosy friends, boyfriends, family
    and bored collegues. So be careful with this as well.
    I am sure you'll be able to fix this problem. Good luck.

    Johanna, Sep 26, 2006
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