stay the hell away from Sceptre/Wally Mart BF sales

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Flasherly, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. Flasherly

    Flasherly Guest

    Least for a monitor/tv - notably SCEPTRE. Not just WallyMart but it's
    a brand sold all over. Mine crapped out in the most proverbial sense
    -- "to the day" [after] the warrantee expired.

    Scepter F*ckers.

    Went to BBuy and bought their house Insignia - paid extra for their
    affiliations to a 5/yr. geeksquat warrantee. Supposedly a Sharp LED
    teevee BB rebranded.

    I was run that Scepter F*cker (entertainment center) pretty hard,
    maybe equivalent to 4-5 days a week left on.

    Btw - I have and own the oldest LCD flatpannel 32" known still to
    exist in America. Exist in perfect working shape. It's like a 15yr
    old Syntax 32". Back when a 32" TTL cost $800US, just in case you
    were in someone's womb back then.

    PS - (This Insignia doesn't receive antenna signals worth a good crap,
    either. Maybe time to break down and do the ROKU two-step fling with
    one of two of its itty-bitty ports.)
    Flasherly, Dec 24, 2014
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  2. If you paid for your monitor/tv using a credit card there is a chance
    that it came with an extra year of warranty, supported by the credit
    card company, not something the actual store would know about or support.

    This is one reason I no longer purchase my electronics using cash or
    checks. True not all cards offer the extended warranty but I do have
    one that offers it as a benefit so I use it since they offer it for free.
    GlowingBlueMist, Dec 24, 2014
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  3. Flasherly

    Flasherly Guest

    Thought crossed my mind and not sure if my plastic includes extra
    coverage. I've never made such a claim or been through what banking
    stipulations might apply. Not even sure if they would with the new
    one, the $50 I paid for the 5-year BestBuy coverage, whether a credit
    card would extend that out to 10 years. Cost me near a dollar a day
    for that last one, though, whereas the new one can be projected for
    ensured working order at a nearer twenty cents a day.

    I just rationalized it off for the typical 'Quality Control to Screw
    You,' as seems the case for profit margin incentives to Western
    industrial brand-naming on Pacific Rim products of dubious origin.

    As the BB rep. at the desk mentioned to me, 'The 5yr. plan gives me
    the feel warm and fuzzy feeling.' As well, some indications (off
    their site reviews), BestBuy is assuming a more responsible market
    stance on rebadging better quality parts assembly, from Sharp
    televisions priced 40-50% more, into their in-house Insignia brand.

    Think I'll just let this last one slide for what it is, a POS I got
    from WallyMart, their resources primarily being within China;- the
    Sharp may be variously allied to Japanese control.

    Much better initial reaction to the Insignia's picture quality, btw,
    newer LED technology over the Sceptre's LCD -- deeper blacks in a
    matter of correct contrast and brightness -- no more of the past
    year's worth of pixilated grays for a black approximation.
    Flasherly, Dec 24, 2014
  4. Flasherly

    Grinder Guest

    I guess I'm in the hot zone then. I purchase five 40" Sceptre TVs 13
    months ago. So far, all five are still up and running.

    Sceptre is clearly a "value" brand, but I was kind of hoping they were
    making a move to regain some of their brand glory from the 1980s by
    over-delivering a bit. Also, in some cases, I needed the wide array of
    inputs that seem to only be available on lower end models.

    Who knows where the panels are actually come from though.
    Grinder, Dec 24, 2014
  5. Flasherly

    Flasherly Guest

    Sceptre has the positive reviews, no doubt about that or specifically
    why I also pulled the trigger, and though it might be summary to
    excuse them for a 'fluke,' I'm not biting: I did run with it
    reasonably hard, after all, past few months sometimes leaving it on
    for 12-20 hours a day;- could be as much as 3, 4 days a week
    straight-time on.

    Notice, now, on your Sceptre warrantee a 90-day exclusion for
    commercial usage. That's an expensive proposition, according how one
    interprets commercial usage;- terminals, airport or hospital displays,
    24/7, would be mine. For $260 out WallyMart's door that's about $90 a
    month to operate it, three times what I paid for my robust or
    "semi-commercial" usage.
    What?, a SVGA pinout. . .yeah, when summarily looking over that
    aspect, basically, they tend to be priced additionally $30-$40 over
    HDMI-only sets for [true] "PC compatibility." I just didn't feel like
    screwing around with setting up HDMI when [both my] MB's are among a
    standard for [most now] MBs sold pre-chipped already for basic
    streaming video playback.

    The over-delivery surfeit from Spectre's glory days is what BestBuy is
    apparently also after, a platform to stand on for delivery of a
    quality TeeVee to the masses in America's marketplace. Noble of them,
    no doubt, although I did, as well, take their assurances offering,
    Geek Squat's affiliated BestBuy-sold 5-yr. plan, hook line and sinker,
    this time up to bat on the plate. Same sorts for two-tierism in
    economically pricing profit margins based on uncertain Asian quality
    with quality assures backed by squads of parts swap-out, American
    technicians. To do it on a base Toyota truck, I just bought, it was
    an additional $5000 for the same 10-year-plan variant.
    Panels are probably like optical media: there's only a few
    manufacturing plants actually producing them, more a stock resource
    specialty, the base denominator of indeterminate qualities for
    subsequent branded circuit engineering -- other associative components
    a particular brand then takes to augment -- as for what will
    constitute a final factor on matrices general reviewers, e.g. a likes
    of CNET, provide by way of "aesthetic" judgement suited our art of
    imagery from today's broadcasting and movie industry.
    Flasherly, Dec 24, 2014
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