SSD upgrade went wrong

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by d_ultimatum, Dec 3, 2013.

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    Dec 3, 2013
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    New York
    Hello guys how are you all, ok first i am new here and i really don't know much about computers. i mostly use them only for media purpses and to get work done, occasionally see a movie with my girlfriend but not more than that. so here is the problem that i have, a month ago i dropped my laptop and it turned off, i picked it up and it worked ok, no problem no delay, or something like that, so two weeks ago it started to make some noise, like cracking or buzzing, it got very slow when opening files and so on, so i asked a few friends they told me the hdd was a problem and that replacing it is easy and i can do it myself. so i got a hdd actually i got an ssd i heard they are better and i got an article how to install it and followed every word but now it wont turn on. here is the article
    you will probably need some specifications of my laptop so here they are:

    Dell Precision
    intel Core i7 Quad 1.73 GHz
    32-bit Windows 7 Pro
    HDD 320
    RAM 2 GB

    can you please help me. i really need my laptop and data. thank you all in advance
    d_ultimatum, Dec 3, 2013
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