Software RAID of Folders, not drives

Discussion in 'Backup Software' started by GT, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. GT

    GT Guest

    Just subscribed to this group. Hope this question isn't covered every other

    Windows XP, 2GB RAM, 2 Internal hard drives, 1 External laptop hard drive in
    USB caddy as backup device.

    My internal drive is split 80GB C (System) and the rest as D (Files). I
    currently use SyncToy to backup certain folders manually, but wondered if
    there is any software that could maintain a live backup (echo) of my
    important files every time they are saved? I'm basically looking for a live
    Raid1 (mirror) type software setup that works on specific folders, or
    perhaps at the partition level, rather than at the drive level.

    My D Drive currently contains a few hundred GB of files that I don't need to
    backup - music, camcorder HD video, games etc. My important files are spread
    over 4 main folders and take up about 40GB and will increase by maybe
    1GB/year at most. I mention this to highlight that I could define a
    partition on the internal drive to match the size of the USB backup drive if
    necessary - if 2 matching partitions are the only option.

    So, anyone know of any folder mirroring or partition mirroring backup
    software. SyncToy does the job perfectly at the moment, but is manual, so
    I'm not prepared to spend much money on automating this and would therefore
    prefer a freeware option.

    GT, Apr 22, 2011
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  2. GT

    GT Guest

    I've discovered PureSync and it does exactly what I require - there is an
    option to synchronise files when one changes and it appears to work!
    GT, Apr 22, 2011
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