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Discussion in 'DIY Computers' started by James Luff, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. James Luff

    James Luff Guest

    Okay, so my new PC is finally up and running and now I'm looking for
    some advise on what Firewall I should be using. On my current PC I'm
    using a combination of AVG antivirus and ZoneAlarm Pro for Firewall.
    I've stuck with AVG but I was wondering if there is a free firewall
    solution that's as good (or better) the ZoneAlarm Pro, discounting the
    built in XP firewall what alternatives are there? Any recommendations,
    or am I better off sticking to a professional firewall application? If
    the latter, what is regarded as a decent firewall for general home use?
    James Luff, Feb 3, 2007
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  2. James Luff

    Don Spumey Guest

    Try I've been using it for
    several months now & have no problems with it.

    Don Spumey, Feb 3, 2007
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  3. James Luff

    Tippunmon Guest

    Looks nice, but yet another firewall that doesn't bother to support Vista?
    Or if it does it doesn't say so?

    What's wrong with these people? I e-mailed Zone Alarm six months ago about
    this issue and their tart response was they would 'support Vista when it was
    released'. Well, November came and went and still no Vista support after it
    was released and still no Zone Alarm support after it was released to the
    whole wide world in Jamuary. I've given up checking now as I am thoroughly
    surprised, perturbed and disappointed with their whole 'couldn't care less,
    sod the public' attitude.

    They've had five years to get ready, still not long

    The only one that appears to be on the ball with a working Vista software
    firewall is Symantec.

    Tippunmon, Feb 3, 2007
  4. James Luff

    Don Spumey Guest

    You could try asking them at

    The only article regarding Vista I can find is;

    Don Spumey, Feb 3, 2007
  5. James Luff

    Don Spumey Guest

    Don Spumey, Feb 3, 2007
  6. James Luff

    Doki Guest

    Perhaps because no sane person is going to bother running Vista at the
    Doki, Feb 3, 2007
  7. Jaimie Vandenbergh, Feb 3, 2007
  8. James Luff

    Dr Zoidberg Guest


    "I laugh in the face of danger. Then I hide until it goes away"
    Dr Zoidberg, Feb 3, 2007
  9. James Luff

    Tippunmon Guest

    Thanks for that Don, useful tip.

    Am I the only person who likes Vista?

    Been beta testing it for months and using as sole OS since October.

    Got my OEM copy of Home Premium the day it was released, courtesy of
    excellent service from Aria Technology.

    The one and only problem I've had with Vista is the total lack of a decent
    software firewall to add the necessary layer to my 2 x hardware firewalls
    built into the LAN router on my main pc system

    May have a solution now - thanks Don

    Tippunmon, Feb 3, 2007
  10. James Luff

    gort Guest

    They are just following M$'s lead when it comes developing software, how
    long has Vista been in development?

    gort, Feb 3, 2007
  11. James Luff

    gort Guest

    Why do you need a software Firewall when you have 2 hardware ones ?

    gort, Feb 3, 2007
  12. The message <>
    Perhaps he's using it as a 'honeypot' sacrificial firewall to kid
    trojans into being satisfied that they've killed _the_ firewall? Mind
    you, wouldn't XP's own built in PF do for this function? After all,
    being integrated means it doesn't retard the PC's performance as much as
    a third party PF will.

    Personally, I wouldn't waste the CPU and I/O cycles on a PF.
    Johnny B Good, Feb 3, 2007
  13. Hardware ones don't pop up a window saying "Malware.exe has tried to
    contact, would you like to let it?"

    Cheers - Jaimie (disappointed that the website doesn't exist!)
    Jaimie Vandenbergh, Feb 3, 2007
  14. The message <>
    Yes, there is that (relying on a vulnerable PF to act as a 'Band Aid'
    to cover carelessness in keeping such scumware out of the machine), but
    since a lot of scumware is PF savvy and knows how to disable it, this
    feature is of rather questionable utility, on the same order as relying
    on out of date AV to keep your machine protected (the only thing worse
    than having no AV at all).

    It's only in the absence of a firewalled connection, that it becomes
    justifiable to accept the cost (in CPU and I/O cycles) of a PF. In the
    case of WinXP, the built in one is no better or worse than many of the
    third party offerings firewallwise but it does have less of a
    performance hit.

    If your only firewall option on a broadband connection is the PF
    option, you're doing something wrong that needs to be put right ASAP.
    Johnny B Good, Feb 4, 2007
  15. James Luff

    gort Guest

    Have you read the T&C very carefully all the way through?. Very interesting
    terms in there, like you give M$ permission to remove software remotely

    gort, Feb 4, 2007
  16. does. :)

    Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
    Contact Me ~
    Geek of ~ HTML/CSS/Javascript/SQL/Perl/PHP/Python*/Apache/Linux

    * = I'm getting there!
    Toby A Inkster, Feb 5, 2007
  17. James Luff

    Nigel Wade Guest

    Neither does a "personal firewall".

    If the malware has sufficient access rights to install itself in the first place
    (i.e. you are logged in as administrator) then it has the necessary rights to
    walk straight past your "firewall".

    All a personal firewall does is make you feel all warm and cosy because it keeps
    popping up annoying messages telling you what applications it's blocked (that
    you actually want to run), whilst telling you nothing whatsoever about the
    malware which is happily running, bypassing all the firewalls you care to

    Get an external hardware firewall if you really feel that you need one. A
    personal firewall is as much use as a chocolate fireguard when it comes to real
    Nigel Wade, Feb 5, 2007
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