Skype and muting microphones

Discussion in 'Computing' started by Martin Taylor, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Installed Skype recently. Got it to work eventually, after some mucking

    Last night the daughter calls us. I "pick up" the phone. Connection is
    established. However, while I can hear her, she cannot hear me.

    I look at audio properties and find mic is muted. I unmute it but no
    difference. When I try it again, mic is muted once more.

    This occured repeatedly.

    Hardware's Asus P5GDI Pro board, Windows XP Pro SP1. Mike is connected
    to rear mic. jack.

    Oh, the daughter's end is fine. She is able to talk to others.

    Any ideas?
    Martin Taylor, Dec 7, 2005
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  2. Martin Taylor

    Whatcher? Guest

    You are interpreting that incorrectly. If you get the mute in that section
    to stay off, it only directs what YOU say back into your own speakers or
    headset. It is SUPPOSED to be that way. You ought to go to the ADVANCED tab
    in the microphone bit and put a tick in Mic boost to make sure it is on.
    That way, soft microphone levels can be heard easily.

    One last thing, do a call to the Skype test centre. Maybe you installed it
    OK but didnt do it properly.
    Whatcher?, Dec 7, 2005
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