SecondCopy or GoodSync?

Discussion in 'Backup Software' started by louisesmith, May 18, 2011.

  1. louisesmith

    louisesmith Guest

    I'm looking to use a copy program to go in only one direction for photos
    and Adobe Lightroom database. I want to do my photo work on my desktop
    hard drive and backup an exact copy (including deletions and changes to
    files), to an external hard drive.

    I've read good and bad things about both of these programs but I'm
    leaning toward GoodSync because it is a larger and more established company.

    I would like my photo files backed up without compression or any
    changes. If I have a jpg file on my desktop drive, I would like the
    software to copy a jpg drive to my external backup.

    It would be necessary for the program to maintain the file structure of
    the desktop drive.

    Ideas - suggestions?


    louisesmith, May 18, 2011
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  2. louisesmith

    Brian Cryer Guest

    If you are after a copy (with delete etc) and are happy writing a .cmd file
    to wrap a command line utility then look at CryCopy. Its a command line
    utility which provides similar functions to xcopy, but can be told to delete
    files which are no longer there. Its freeware from
    Alternatively Robocopy from the Windows Resource Kit might do what you
    want - you should be able to find it somewhere on the Microsoft website, or
    the links at the bottom of this page might give you a starter:
    Of course both these suggestions assume you are using Windows.
    Sorry I've no experience with either SecondCopy nor GoodSync. If you do go
    for one or the other and might want support then given the current economic
    situation personally I'd probably go for the longer established company
    (assuming both products otherwise do what you want).
    Brian Cryer, May 20, 2011
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  3. Per louisesmith:
    I've been using Second Copy for quite a few years with no

    It has a scheduling feature. It also sends me an email with a
    results summary every time it does something.

    I'm pretty sure it can do the mirror thing - but I have avoided
    that for fear of messing myself up by accidentally deleting

    Another utility that I use - that might be overkill for your use
    - is "Beyond Compare". It's claim to fame is that it can look
    at both drives and tell you if they really are in synch. It
    too, has a mirror capability and I use that quite a bit when
    synching my NAS box's media files with a Windows Home Server box.
    Definitely one of the classier applications I have encountered.
    (PeteCresswell), May 20, 2011
  4. louisesmith

    louisesmith Guest

    Thanks for the suggestions - I'll take a look around.

    I also found BackBlaze - checked out their email tech support and it was
    very good. Recommended on several of the MAC forums although they have
    a separate program written in C for Windows. I appreciate a separate
    program in C for a windows machine and like the idea of avoiding flash
    of any kind.

    The company hasn't been around too long and I know I'm taking a small
    chance, but it's quite simple. They will also back up everything to USB
    hard drives and send then to you if you should need a complete restore.

    Roughly $50/yr for unlimited with one month retention time before
    deleting what you've deleted on your computer.

    I'm running the trial version now. They say it will take 35 days! to
    complete the initial backup. But at its fastest, it's not slowing down
    my machine hardly at all. So, if it really can run in the background....

    Of course I also have my two external hard drives - one is a Macrium
    backup done pretty much every night and the other has approximately 4
    complete Ghost images in case of disaster. I do a Ghost image once
    every few weeks.

    louisesmith, May 21, 2011
  5. louisesmith

    patrick Guest

    There's a program called 7Zip for Windows available from

    It will backup, synchronize, with or without compression those data files.
    patrick, May 21, 2011
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