Replacement battery for Toshiba M50 Satellite laptop

Discussion in 'Computing' started by L.A.T., Jun 21, 2007.

  1. L.A.T.

    L.A.T. Guest

    The Toshiba M50 Satellite Laptop is notorious for its poor battery life. Two
    and a bit hours at best. A friend's M50 gives less than one and a half
    hours. I have seen replacement batteries advertised, one offering five
    hours, and another offering nine hours. Has anyone any experience with
    either of these batteries?

    The original battery is labelled "PA3451U-1BAS
    Li-On Battery DC 14.4 V 2000 mAH"

    If you google this number, google finds PA3451U-1BRS
    which seems to have 2440 mAH

    Are there any things he can do to minimise battery drain?

    Thank you.
    L.A.T., Jun 21, 2007
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  2. L.A.T.

    Al Coholic Guest

    All notebook batteries die

    In fact every time you use it a small piece of it dies
    Typically after 1 year the battery life would be 2/3 of the original
    battery life. Most Replacement Batteries are made in China (yes I know
    unbelievable) and are 1/2 the price of the Manufacturers batteries made
    in China. The Manufactures Batteries will have a better lifetime, but
    it's not double. A slight problem with the el-cheapo batteries is they
    may have a meltdown inside the case, seen plenty of these.
    Compaq,Toshiba had to recall some once because they "Might" catch fire.

    The worst thing you could do, is just leave it on charging and never
    ever discharge the battery.

    Lots of Components in the Computer Biz get "silently" recalled,
    check the Part Number & Serial Number if your down to < 50% after
    one year.
    Al Coholic, Jun 21, 2007
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  3. L.A.T.

    steam3801 Guest

    I've had 3 different brands of laptop. I deal with people who have
    other brands of laptops.

    In *ALL* cases, without exception!!, the original brand name battery
    that came with the computer was offered a very poor life - both in
    time of useage, and life before relacement.

    In *ALL* cases, without exception!!, the purchased replacement
    batteries lasted much longer - both in running time and total life.

    I always suggest that the first accessory any laptop user should buy
    is a spare non-laptop-brand battery.

    Sydney : try Coda Batteries at Sylvania. I've had excellent service
    and experience from them so far.
    steam3801, Jun 21, 2007
  4. L.A.T.

    Rod Speed Guest

    Yes, remove the optional components that he doesnt need and that
    includes some of the memory if he isnt using all of it most of the time.
    Rod Speed, Jun 21, 2007
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