Removing heatsinks and phase-change material??

Discussion in 'Computing' started by Barry Ward, May 13, 2004.

  1. Barry Ward

    Barry Ward Guest

    12 months ago, I built 2 identical AMD XP2400 based machines - one for
    myself and one for a friend.

    My machine's processor runs 25C higher that the system temp - whereas my
    friend's processor only runs 10C higher than the system temp. This means
    that mine runs quite hot during the summer months.

    Now that winter has arrived , my machine makes a strange "noise" during the
    boot-up process. This sound only happens when the machine is cold and the
    sound is definitely coming from the processor/heatsink. I suspect the phase
    change material and the contact (or lack thereof) between the processor and
    the heatsink.

    Since I have never removed a heatsink before -- only installed them - I am
    looking for advice . The phasechange material is the standard stuff that
    comes with the standard AMD supplied heatsink.

    Will removing the heatsink cause any kind of problem/damage to the
    processor. Is it likely to be firmly attached to the processor - maybe like
    a kind of glue holding the 2 bodies together? Any advice would be much
    appreciated. I would really like to fix this problem - both to eliminate the
    horrible bootup noise during winter and reduce the operating temp in summer.
    I do have some silver paste to use in place of the existing phase change
    material if it needs to be replaced


    Barry Ward, May 13, 2004
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  2. Barry Ward

    reply Guest

    The fan needs a lube job, which should quieten and prolong its life.
    Molten vaseline is good. Here's a two page article on how to do it:
    reply, May 13, 2004
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