Recommendation for introduction to virtual machine

Discussion in 'Computing' started by The Doctor, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. The Doctor

    The Doctor Guest

    Hi all,

    Just want to know if anyone has a recommendation for a website
    that gives an introduction to virtual machine software like

    Also what sort of hardware spec do I need to play with things like

    Thank you
    The Doctor, Mar 9, 2009
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  2. The Doctor

    Rom Guest

    For someone starting out with virtual machines (VMs) I'd suggest
    VirtualBox and/or Virtual PC 2007.



    Introduction to Virtual PC (VPC2004 - old, but still useful):

    Install and Create a Virtual Machine (VPC2007):

    Virtual PC 2007 & VirtualBox (installing Windows 7):

    EasyVMX! plus VMware Player takes a bit more manual work and know how.

    EasyVMX! Tutorial: <>
    VMware Player: <>

    VMware Player plus virtual appliances (ready-made/to run) is another
    way, or Virtual PC 2007 plus VHDs.


    MS downloads or <> has
    evaluation VHDs for Vista, IE App Compat etc.

    Search YouTube for introductions, tutorials etc. on Virtual PC,
    VirtualBox, VMware and installing various OSs, or do the same with a
    search engine.

    Also look at VMware Workstation and VMware Server.


    Depends on your system; host OS and what you run, what guest OS(s) you
    install and what you do. You need to run both at the same time.

    Virtual PC 2007 specs/info:

    VirtualBox specs/info:

    VMware docs: <>
    Rom, Mar 9, 2009
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  3. The Doctor

    keithr Guest

    What you need depends on what you want to do. I have been running
    Windows 7 under VMware workstation on a Dell Latitude laptop with a 1.6
    gig core duo and 1 gig of RAM. If you want to do serious work then you
    will need more RAM, but it will run well enough to play around in 1 gig.
    Dual cores are better but the CPU is not as important as RAM.

    keithr, Mar 10, 2009
  4. The Doctor

    Hunter01 Guest

    VMWare rocks, playing around with VMWare View at work at the moment,
    very sweet product for the mobile worker.

    Agree with most but not technically correct on the 3 Gig part, although
    for all intents and purposes not far off the truth. XP can address 4
    gigs of memory, but after all your devices are taken care of your memory
    gets the addressable space that is left over, any extra RAM above that
    sits there doing nothing. I've got 4 gig of RAM but only get 2.7gigish
    value out of it, but the majority of the missing memory space is chewed
    up by 2 x 8800GT's, and the little bit above that is the rest of my
    system devices. If I ripped out one of those graphics cards, I could add
    a nice chunk back onto my addressable RAM, but that ain't going to
    happen. I'll wait til this system gets sick and then will reinstall with
    Win 7 64 bit (hopefully all the quirks are sorted by then) and leave the
    thing known as Vista in the status of "never got around to that one"
    exactly where it deserves to be along with Win ME.
    Hunter01, Mar 11, 2009
  5. The Doctor

    The Doctor Guest

    Thanks Rom!
    The Doctor, Mar 11, 2009
  6. The Doctor

    Hunter01 Guest

    We're doing that too, got a bunch of S10's and V10L's and whilst none
    are in "live testing" on client desks yet we've tested them internally
    and I'd agree with you, multimedia experience rocks beyond expectations.
    We're looking at using them as "rapidly deployable environments" and so
    on, although we're still reserving judgement as far as a pc replacing
    cost-measure, there's a lot to look at that makes it very borderline
    whether that would be true or not. Plenty of strong opinions in both
    directions on that one so we'll make up our own minds based on our

    That's not such a concern for us (although a nicety), our biggest
    emphasis is allowing "secure" (secure meaning for our network, not them)
    access to the domain for people wanting to use their own 'puters (usual
    govt thing, if someone wants to bring in their own laptop saves the govt
    paying for it), a very mobile workforce that don't want to cart said
    laptops with them, home use for those that only warrant a desktop,
    etc.etc.etc. but we can see a lot more we can do with them too, the only
    thing I'm hesitant to advise on is replacing desktops for cost-savings,
    I'm not so sure it would lead to that, but will see how it goes with a
    proper look at. As far as the technology being worthwhile for mobility
    and/or rapid deployment I think it rocks. Leaves MS's termserv solution
    for dead as much as they tell us otherwise while trying to beat us over
    the head with licensing issues.

    Yep, that's the one we running, it's no longer beta. Not only that but
    take a look at View Composer, you don't need the storage space for 500
    facilitated desktop images, just one and the differential off that.
    Actually I think the offlineable desktops and Composer were both on the
    last version of VDM prior to it becoming View, but even now with the
    latest version the offlineable stuff still shows as "experimental" in
    the interface.

    And with the new new release (think a couple of weeks back) you can now
    read computer/terminal host id's from within the "vdm", very nice when
    trying to work out automated facilitating of network printers and so on
    from a composer-based pool of pc's which could literally go to
    anyone/anywhere. Thing I love about VMWare is they are like MS in the
    extremely early days, there is still a lot of pride in what they're
    producing and what they're producing is good. The propellor heads as
    opposed to the bean counters still hold the reigns on development, lets
    pray it stays that way for a long time to come. Although the marketing
    creatures already seem to be on the loose, the next version of VDM
    suddenly got renamed to VMWare View, and it sounds like ESX 4.0 will be
    called vSphere. Us that use this stuff don't care about names, be much
    nicer to keep it all clean with the same naming convention me reckons! :)

    Exactly, as per what I was saying about devices chewing the memory, but
    you can definitely get well above the 3 gig mark if you have nothing but
    a cheap mobo with onboard graphics.
    Hunter01, Mar 14, 2009
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