PVR cards / TV Out cards

Discussion in 'DIY Computers' started by Keith McHugh, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Keith McHugh

    Keith McHugh Guest

    Hi there,

    I'm looking to set up a computer to work as a PVR. Can anyone recommend any
    good PVR cards ? Some appear to be MPEG 2 and others MPEG 2 & 4 - do any of
    them also support a video output ? The ones I've seen so far only have a
    video input - do I just need a graphics card with video output for replaying
    ? Do the TV output cards give true video signals from DVD and the PVR card
    in 50Hz(PAL) and 59.94(NTSC) - not down converted from the PCs higher frame
    rate/progressive scan output.

    Sorry for all the questions,


    Keith McHugh, Sep 13, 2004
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  2. Keith McHugh

    nog Guest

    Sorry, can't help with this but it will be worth you putting these
    questions in uk.tech.digital-tv
    nog, Sep 13, 2004
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