Problem with Norton Antivirus

Discussion in 'Computing' started by BenOne©, May 31, 2004.

  1. BenOne©

    BenOne© Guest

    Hi all,

    When I try to run Norton AntiVirus 2003 it starts up, and I may be able to start
    a scan, but then the program just exits with no messages, before it has finished
    the scan.

    What could the problem be?

    Should I just uninstall and reinstall?

    Got rid of Sasser and have performed all Win XP updates.
    BenOne©, May 31, 2004
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  2. BenOne©

    Just Allan Guest

    Norton not decent? Um... Six years ago? Sure!

    I've recommended the grisoft virus scanner to folks before, because it
    says it's free for home users - but then when you install gives you a
    certain numbers of days to register it!?

    I've been using Norton for years and have never been caught with a
    virus, even though I know many have tried to hitch a ride - including
    those embedded in webpages. Norton often warns of a new virus in an
    email or webpage before I'd even read of them online. Several times I
    have tested this by deliberately trying to infect my computer - it
    caught it every time - so it's the only one I bother to recommend now.

    Just Allan, May 31, 2004
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  3. I would, ya have ta start somewhere :)
    Rheilly Phoull, May 31, 2004
  4. BenOne©

    Harry Guest

    Reinstall but make sure you clean the regsitry of anything nortons first. In
    future when you uninstall a program make sure you don't remove the shared
    dll and this problem won't happen.....
    Harry, May 31, 2004
  5. BenOne©

    DalienX Guest

    you could try a decent virus scanner, one that actualy works :p

    AVG free antivirus:
    DalienX, May 31, 2004
  6. BenOne©

    Unknown Guest

    Go to and download Stinger and run it. Wait
    till it finishes and has gotten rid of whatever it finds. Now uninstall
    Nortons and reboot. Install and update Nortons again. It *SHOULD* be ok at
    that point. If not, it may be something else entirely.
    Unknown, May 31, 2004
  7. BenOne©

    Unknown Guest

    Get the Nortons uninstaller from their web site. Does it all auto.
    Unknown, May 31, 2004
  8. BenOne©

    Just Allan Guest

    Ok. I was probably a bit out of patience the night I installed it.

    * Read site = software free for home users.
    * Download and install = please register!?
    * Read site again = software free for home users...
    * Aw... forget it - I don't have time for this - where's that Norton
    disc! : )
    Yeah, I guess... It's been my experience that all these programs have
    pitfalls - and they hide their own by pointing out the errors in
    everyone else's! : ) Where did you read about that... At the guy's
    site who makes Spinrite and Shields Up?

    Just Allan, May 31, 2004
  9. BenOne©

    Ken Taylor Guest

    I have to agree. I've used Norton for years too and never a problem, and
    it's picked up ones that have sailed in on e-mails or whatever. Likewise, I
    check it every so often.

    We also use McAfee corporately - same deal, no prob's. If paying is a
    problem, play with one of the toys, I really wouldn't bother myself.

    I really don't know why some people carry on about Symantec and McAfee -
    okay, they're big companies - get over it.

    Ken Taylor, Jun 1, 2004
  10. BenOne©

    Unknown Guest

    Nope. You just grab a serial number from their web site and you can use it
    indefinitely, legally.
    You've been lucky. They had 2 major problems patched about a month or less
    ago that were known for 3 months before that. They also still have not fixed
    the deep nest virus problem that was reported to them over a year ago now.
    You can shove a virus/trojan etc in a deep nested dir and execute it.
    Nortons cant go past a certain depth so will never find it.
    Unknown, Jun 1, 2004
  11. BenOne©

    DalienX Guest

    Yes well if you give them a real e-mail address like it says to on
    the site, they send you a free serial number
    i did a test about 3 months ago, i had nortons and avg installed and
    kept them both up to date for a month, nortons caught 6 viruses over
    a month, avg caught 11 incuding the 6 nortons found
    DalienX, Jun 1, 2004
  12. BenOne©

    BenOne© Guest

    Thanks for the helpful replies.
    BenOne©, Jun 2, 2004
  13. BenOne©

    Unknown Guest

    Nope. Just around the security web sites....
    Unknown, Jun 2, 2004
  14. BenOne©

    Just Allan Guest

    Now that you've said that, I remember... I installed it for someone
    and they wanted me to email them - two hours later the email hadn't
    come, so I uninstalled it. Yeah, I know - no patience - but it wasn't
    that so much - it was more, why make people email in and wait for a
    code when it's free anyway!? There's only one reason people collect
    email addresses when they don't need to.
    A few years ago when it became trendy to whine about Norton - I
    installed AVG instead and found it was the other way around. Nortong
    found more than AVG. You just can't trust any of them! : )

    Just Allan, Jun 3, 2004
  15. BenOne©

    Unknown Guest

    Do what I do - I installed it on my own machine and waited for the number.
    When it came, I printed it and use it for installing the program. It hasnt
    gotten upset about that, either.
    What's not to whine about? When they actually PATCH a problem, they take
    months to do it. They dont patch everything so that NAV can be gotten around
    right now easily, it is so BIG now that if you shove it on a P3 600 or under
    it really makes things slow down etc etc.
    Norton IS likely to find more than AVG but it depends on where the
    virus/trojan is on the HD. It is actually possible to make Nortons find
    nothing and other AV progs find them.
    Unknown, Jun 3, 2004
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