Plasmon Model DW260 (internal) scsi MO/Magneto-Optical Drive: DIP switch settings

Discussion in 'Storage' started by TerrorNews, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. TerrorNews

    TerrorNews Guest

    Can anyone who has them please post the DIP switch settings for the
    Plasmon DW260 magneto-optical (2.6GB) drive? The DIP array is mounted on
    the top of the drive chassis and there are 7 switches. From a posting I
    note someone says #7 if set to ON designates the drive as a Direct
    Access Device instead of Magneto-Optical.
    Or if you have the manual and can send in tiff or PDF format please
    email and I can paypal costs of same. No trace of manual or guide or
    other with these DIP settings on the net - the drive is antique, circa
    1996/7 and was (the first?) LIMDOW MO.

    TerrorNews, Aug 2, 2010
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