PICS: UPDATE: Here is the iPhone 6, Based on Leaked Diagrams

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by cazza13, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. cazza13

    cazza13 Guest

    To me the new iPhone 6 is looking more and more like the Android.
    Based on its looks, it looks better and better. Bigger screen so tha
    you can actually see something even if it does have the sam

    From: C

    With Apple reportedly set to launch the iPhone 6 this September, th
    smartphone rumor-mill is alive and spinning again

    After designs for the next iPhone were leaked, concept designer Marti
    Hajek drew up these images of what the device could look like based o
    the diagrams. The phone is rumored to come in two sizes: both 4.7-inc
    and 5.5-inch models.

    Hajek's designs show up much slimmer iPhone, but with the same ke

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    cazza13, Apr 3, 2014
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  2. cazza13

    Guest Guest

    there is no iphone 6.

    whatever you've seen are what people think it *might* be.
    Guest, Apr 3, 2014
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  3. cazza13

    JF Mezei Guest

    Yes there is. But it hasn't been officially announced yet. If launched
    in September, Apple would have pretty much finalised the design by now
    and done trial production runs.
    Yes, at this point, it is all speculation. Personally, I am not sure
    the next iPhone will be as thin as the pictures lead us to believe
    because Apple values battery autonomy and that is one of the big
    advantages Apple has over Samsung.

    While the bigger unit could have slimmer design (since the greater size
    allows for larger but thinner batteries), the "normal" sized Iphone is
    likely going to remain thick.

    Note that in the last couple of years, the speculation was not all that
    wrong. Apple likes to have the buzz that creates free publicity.
    JF Mezei, Apr 3, 2014
  4. cazza13

    Guest Guest

    internal to apple there are all sorts of things. they're already
    working on the iphone 6s or whatever it will be called and probably
    starting on the iphone 7.

    what matters is what is released to the public and as of right now,
    there is no iphone 6.
    apple also has a fetish for thinness, even when it compromises

    the macbook retinas have a *new* magsafe plug because its a couple of
    millimeters too thin for the old magsafe plug as well as being too thin
    for a real ethernet port.
    the 'normal sized' phone, aka iphone 5s, is quite thin.
    everyone does.
    Guest, Apr 3, 2014
  5. cazza13

    JF Mezei Guest

    This would still be "internal" with no machinery and robot software
    designed for it. those models would still be in CAD/CAM and possibly clay.

    However, for models coming out in Spetember, Apple would have already
    been dealing in setting up production software/machinery, signing
    contracts for parts/materials, and done test production runs to produce
    prototypes for evaluation etc. Actual production would start soon.

    So leaks of hardware designs are entirely possible because the models
    are pretty much final by now.
    There is the magazines that provide speculative images of the 6 and
    those are definitely released to the public :)
    I think battery autonomy is more sacred. Reducing connectors on MacBook
    Air to allow thinner one doesn't reduce actual functionality and better
    CPU and disk power performance allows good battery autonomy with smaller

    So reducing iPhone battery would depend on more efficient CPU/screen etc.
    JF Mezei, Apr 3, 2014
  6. cazza13

    Davoud Guest

    Do you not find it a bit queer to talk about the appearance of
    something that no person who is writing about it has ever seen?
    Davoud, Apr 3, 2014
  7. cazza13

    News Guest

    You understand you're asking this of an Apple fanboi?
    News, Apr 3, 2014
  8. cazza13

    Davoud Guest

    Don't know what that means. I've got five late-model Macs in the house,
    three iPhones, four iPads, Apple TV, and who-knows-how-many iPods. Does
    that make me an Apple fanboi? Could be--as I said, I don't know what
    that means.

    I do know, however, that that's a straw man. It has nothing to do with
    the nonsensical practice of talking about the appearance of something
    that is invisible. It could be a car or a book (what do you think of
    the book that J.K. Rowling will write in 2016) or any other nonexistent
    Davoud, Apr 4, 2014
  9. cazza13

    News Guest

    cazza13 is the OP whose comments you deemed "a bit queer"
    If it is a strawman it's yours.
    News, Apr 4, 2014
  10. cazza13

    bknight Guest

    No, but maybe a fence. :)
    bknight, Apr 4, 2014
  11. To
    apple-haters like you, anyone who says anything favorable, even in the
    slightest, is an Apple fanboi.
    Michelle Steiner, Apr 4, 2014
  12. cazza13

    News Guest

    Shiny new Jobjects? No fanboi could avoid breathless comment or pushback.
    News, Apr 4, 2014
  13. Oh, that's right; anyone who points out that you're an Apple-hater is a
    Michelle Steiner, Apr 4, 2014
  14. cazza13

    jtees4 Guest

    It could be a car or a book (what do you think of
    Impossible. I heard JK Rowning died. In 2015.

    Some of my music:
    jtees4, Apr 4, 2014
  15. You heard wrong; it's 2017.
    The proper sig delimiter is two hyphens followed by a space and a
    carriage return, not a bunch of asterisks.
    Michelle Steiner, Apr 4, 2014
  16. cazza13

    Your Name Guest

    He did ... it's that "n" that makes all the difference. ;-)

    The "iPhone 6" is actually already an existing product. It has existed
    at least in prototype form since before the iPhone 5S and 5C were

    The "Galaxy 6" of course has to wait for Apple to release the iPhone 6
    so that Samsung can copy it. ;-)
    Your Name, Apr 4, 2014
  17. cazza13

    Lewis Guest

    There is no new iPhone 6.
    No it's not, because it doesn't exist.
    Lewis, Apr 5, 2014
  18. cazza13

    Lewis Guest

    Probably with several different product designs, none of which are

    But the statement is factually correct, there is no such thing as an
    iPhone 6.
    With the new phone 5-6 months out, this is all speculation.
    Lewis, Apr 5, 2014
  19. cazza13

    JF Mezei Guest

    By now, the design is likely final in terms of of the physical
    appearance. There may be tweeks internally, and obviously software work
    going on. But the enternal appearance is most likely final as is the
    choice of metal/materials for the casing.

    Apple would be busy moving from pilot/sample production to setting up
    the actual production facility (or more likely working wth Foxcon to
    design production, program robots (for the milling of metals etc), setup
    the training manuals for the hoardes of human robots and be ready fairly
    soon to start actual production.
    JF Mezei, Apr 5, 2014
  20. cazza13

    JF Mezei Guest

    Another hint at what is coming.

    In the Apple vs Samsung patent thing, Apple documents show that they are
    aware that they are not present in the largert phone market and not
    present in the cheap phon market.
    Apple fanbois will state that since Apple is not interested in the low
    end, we can't expect them to enter the low end fo the market.

    However, since the larger screen market is definitly not low end (and
    one could counter it is higher end than current iphone lineup), that
    Apple may be seriously considering going into that market.
    JF Mezei, Apr 8, 2014
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