Outlook 2003 signatures question

Discussion in 'PC Technical Talk' started by Graham J, May 20, 2013.

  1. Graham J

    Graham J Guest

    Ordinarily, you prepare a signature and associate it with an email
    account. You can prepare several different signatures, and associate
    each one with a different email account.

    When you create a new email message, it uses the default account; and
    the signature for the default account appears. So far so good.

    You then decide you want to send using another account (i.e. not the
    default) so you select that account. But the signature in the draft
    email does not change!

    You have to delete the signature in the draft email, and select another
    from the signatures menu.

    My client insists that on another PC running Outlook 2003 this process
    is automatic: as she changes the account, so the signature in the draft
    email changes.

    I think this may well work OK in Outlook 2007. 2010, or 2013; but you
    start from the correct account before creating the new email - so the
    mechanism is different.


    Another question: is it possible to ensure that a message TO a specific
    email address is always sent using a specific account?

    Graham J, May 20, 2013
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