Outdoor Security Camera Options?

Discussion in 'Gadgets and Technology' started by Cynthia, Aug 24, 2018.

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    May 23, 2018
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    Hi, all! So I've recently been interested in outdoor security cam options and was wondering what your thoughts are - long post coming - sorry . . .

    My dad looked at some reviews and stuff online and bought me a pair of Zmodo ZP-IBH15-W small indoor/outdoor cameras. I downloaded the Zmodo app and plugged in the cameras and hooked everything up to my wifi. Just for setup/testing I faced one camera out my back window into my back yard and faced the other one into my kitchen. I've been playing with them for a couple days and just chatted with their customer service and I don't think they are going to work . . . For one thing, they will only record two different events if they occur at least 4 minutes apart!! I would walk into my kitchen 4 times but it would only catch me twice or something! I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't detect me every time! Well according to customer service, it's because the events weren't at least 4 minutes apart! I guess the hardware/software needs time to successfully record and send through wifi and reset and everything - it makes sense to me, but at the same time it seems ridiculous!! What if one robber walks in and then 2 minutes later another robber walks in but it only records the FIRST guy because they both didn't come in more than 4 minutes apart!? A lot can happen in 4 minutes!! . . . Also, it apparently doesn't come with ANY storage! It only records 10 second clips unless you get the cloud account or a Zmodo-specific DVR thing! I thought some of these cams came with a somewhat decent amount of storage on your phone app? Do ALL of the cameras on the market MAKE you do cloud or DVR to record anything significant? . . . Also the Zmodo cameras I got have NO motion detection sensitivity settings! You can't raise or lower the sensitivity! It's just one pre-set level! You can adjust the detection *zone*, but not the sensitivity! So basically the camera I had looking out on my back yard was never detecting anything NEW because the sensitivity is un-changeably too high and every little leaf that moved triggered it so it just thought that there was CONSTANT movement, thus it wasn't giving me any *new* notifications (even when I opened the garage door and drove out or drove back in or walked around the yard) because it thought it was all one continuous motion for 24 hours straight - and since it only records each detection event for 10 seconds it had already done its first detection/recording and wouldn't detect/record anything new!!! Am I making *any* sense?? Lol!

    *sigh* . . . So I have friends who have Ring and Nest and I'm waiting to hear back from them . . . I just wanted a camera to monitor the back of my house and a camera to monitor my back fence line which has a bunch of bushes and trees and a pond. Is this even possible or is the constant-motion thing going to screw me no matter what - especially in the bushy pond area? Do any cameras come with a usable amount of storage or do they all pretty much require cloud or DVR? Do any of them work well in the dark? The options and technicalities are just so overwhelming . . .

    Thanks so much!

    Cynthia :)
    Cynthia, Aug 24, 2018
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