Outdoor Cat5e cable question

Discussion in 'DIY Computers' started by Bob H, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. Bob H

    Bob H Guest

    Is there a 'Good, Bad, and Ugly' in the many different prices of so
    called outdoor/external cat5e cable.

    After doing a google search on the said cable, there are dozens, if not
    hundreds of cat5e external cable links to many different sites. Each of
    them have vastly ranging prices for the more or less the same cable.

    I have notice that some vendors on ebay specify their cabling as solid
    copper core as against aluminium clad copper. Also, some have double or
    thicker sheathing.

    Are their any recommendations on which type to use or which site to buy
    Bob H, Mar 18, 2014
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  2. Bob H

    Chris Ridd Guest

    Get armoured cable. I had cat 5e to my garden office for about a year
    until some animal decided it looked tasty and severed it.

    Unfortunately I don't know where it was sourced, as my work paid for it :)
    Chris Ridd, Mar 18, 2014
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  3. Bob H

    Bob H Guest

    Bob H, Mar 18, 2014
  4. Bob H

    Bob H Guest

    Product information on the above:

    Suitable for all networking projects where cable length will traverse
    outside of buildings, outbuildings, sheds, workshops etc. The secondary
    PVC sleeve inside the weatherproof black housing offers double
    protection from water ingress, extremes of temperature, stretching and
    exposure associated with being buried in the ground. Cable is supplied
    complete with RJ45 connectors at each end - plug in and go!
    Bob H, Mar 18, 2014
  5. Nah, not really. If it's way cheap, it's probably too good to be true,
    but otherwise they seem to be pretty randomly priced.
    Never, ever touch the abomination that is copper-clad aluminium! It's
    a nightmare, and doesn't crimp or punch well at all. I'd also expect
    it to be brittle.

    For external, if it's running through a fully waterproof conduit then
    you can just use normal cat5e or cat6. If you're running it naked
    through a trench or along an overhead wire then you'll want
    external-grade cable - this means it'll have UV and waterproof
    sheathing. You'll may also want armoured if you're burying it.
    Haven't for ages, but I'd use Farnell, RS, or Screwfix type places.

    Have you already looked at using a homeplug system, if that's a
    suitable alternative?

    Cheers - Jaimie
    Jaimie Vandenbergh, Mar 18, 2014
  6. Bob H

    Chris Whelan Guest

    Around ten years ago, I ran a cat5e cable from my house, across the
    neighbour's roof (with their permission!) to the next property. It's
    normal, indoor stuff. It still gets the same 60Mbps download speed as I
    get. If I was ever going to do something similar, in a domestic
    situation, I'd do the same again.

    Chris Whelan, Mar 18, 2014
  7. Bob H

    Rob Morley Guest

    I'd avoid aluminium, it's a purely cost cutting measure because of the
    high price of copper. The most basic outdoor spec means that there's UV
    block in the sheathing so it doesn't go brittle quickly. How you
    intend to use it (strung,surface mounted or buried) will determine how
    much more protection you'll need, you may want additional
    conduit/trunking. You may even want to consider fibre as an alternative.
    Rob Morley, Mar 18, 2014
  8. Bob H

    Bob H Guest

    I want to run the cable from a couple of cctv ip cameras back into a
    switch. Probably about half its length would be outside clipped back to
    an outside wall.

    I already have 2 of the TPlink plugs which I bought about 2 years ago,
    and work well enough for my needs.
    Bob H, Mar 18, 2014
  9. Bob H

    Bob H Guest

    I will be clipping it back to an outside wall to run from a couple of
    cctv cameras back into a switch. It will be fairly high up the said
    wall, say about 4 mtrs.
    Bob H, Mar 18, 2014
  10. Bob H

    Rob Morley Guest

    With adequate support (plenty of clips, or trunking) the most basic
    exterior rated copper cable should be fine. Remember to form drip loops
    where appropriate when routing the cable, and make sure it won't rub
    on any corners or rough bits of masonry.
    Rob Morley, Mar 18, 2014
  11. Ok - you'll want external grade Cat5e/6, but no armour needed. You can
    just nail it up with the usual cable clips. Nothing special needed to
    crimp the rj45s on, if you're doing that.

    Cheers - Jaimie
    Jaimie Vandenbergh, Mar 18, 2014
  12. Bob H

    Bob H Guest

    There will be about 8mtrs outside fastened to the wall, and 1 clip every
    18inches should be ok, dya think. Oh yes and drip loops where needed are
    a must.

    I'll find something suitable for the corners.
    Bob H, Mar 18, 2014
  13. Bob H

    Adrian C Guest

    Yuk. Use Optical Fibre?

    I replaced an aging 16-port 10/100 switch in this house with something
    cheap and gigabit from TP-Link that included 4 combo SFP (mini-gbic)
    ports. There is a similar SFP enabled switch in the garage at the back,
    a route thats 60 metres apart.

    I've connected the two with a couple of Cisco transceivers sourced from
    ebay for about £5 each, and spent 30 quid on OM1 LC-LC fibre.

    Intrisically safe from sky sparks, and works completely solid at 1Gbps.
    OK, not that cheap, but it's the way somethings are done at work so I
    wanted a play (geek excuse #54325)
    Adrian C, Mar 18, 2014
  14. Bob H

    Rob Morley Guest

    Sounds about right to me.
    You can put a couple of clips either side close to the corner, and then
    leave a loop in the cable rather than pulling it in tight to the
    masonry. Basically just long enough that it forms smooth curves but
    short enough that it supports itself without sagging.
    Rob Morley, Mar 20, 2014
  15. Bob H

    Bob H Guest

    I ended up buying 15 mtrs of outdoor cat5e cable off ebay, which has
    solid copper core and some very thin plastic like sheathing between the
    UTP's and the black pvc covering, so double sheathed if you like. Oh,
    and it had a what I can only describe as something like a multicored
    draw string , if there is such a thing?
    It arrived this morning and I have just got around to putting the
    connectors/plugs on each end, ready to put up tomorrow.
    Bob H, Mar 20, 2014
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