[OT?] NTFS encrypted?

Discussion in 'DIY Computers' started by Jim Howes, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Jim Howes

    Jim Howes Guest

    Not entirely u.c.h material, but it is a home-installed NTFS.

    Two copies of Windows XP installed on a PC. XP Home and XP Professional.

    Both installed on NTFS partitions on the same physical disc.

    Each one can see folders and files on each other's discs, but cannot open them.

    Speaking as the office linux nut, this sounds TOO STUPID even for microsoft

    Is there some form of filesystem encryption that causes this? Is it likely to
    be a service pack thing? (I have waved a CD with SP2 on it and told them to
    install it on both systems on the PC, and then run windows update on both systems).

    Jim Howes, Dec 9, 2005
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  2. Log on as an administrator and 'take ownership' of the files/folders you
    can't open right now? XP files are (depending how you set the security
    up) normally locked to a particular SID (Security ID .. one of those
    Globally Unique IDs that XP generates with dozens of random characters
    inside {}). The same user ID ('Fred') with the same password ('fred') is
    not the same user (i.e. the same SID) and thus can't have the other
    person's files.

    However I'm surprised that the XP pro installation can't get at the XP
    home versions, since I thought Home defaulted to 'wide open'. Maybe
    someone ticked the box for 'keep my files private?'. I assume we are
    talking about user files/folders.

    If that ain't it, what error message do you get??

    (start, help, take ownership, for how to)
    (start, help private folders for how it got that way)

    it isn't EFS, since afaik XP Home doesn't support EFS.
    GSV Three Minds in a Can, Dec 9, 2005
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  3. Jim Howes

    Jim Howes Guest

    Aha, yes, a different UUID would certainly explain that. It would seem sensible
    for all 'Administrator' accounts, or possibly 'SYSTEM' to have the same UUID
    across all systems. Better still have standard group identifiers like 'NETWORK'
    and 'Everyone' have the same value across all systems.
    But what is sensible to planet Earth is not necessarily sensible to planet
    The user concerned didn't say. Granted, attempting to get anything resembling
    sense out of a user is as futile as trying to herd cats.

    Of course, with fast user switching turned on, you cannot log in as 'Administrator'.

    I'm not sure if WXP Home supports 'Run As'. I tend to drop a command prompt
    onto most 2K/WXPP desktops that when clicked prompts for the administrator
    password so that you can do things like 'lusrmgr' as the administrator without
    having to log the user out (Because questions like 'You have saved your work,
    haven't you?' are bound to be answered incorrectly...
    That atleast is good news.
    Jim Howes, Dec 12, 2005
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