Opensource, deduplication, compressing backup system with hybrid fullsaves/incrementals

Discussion in 'Backup Software' started by Dan Stromberg, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. I've created a google mailing list for the discussion of the backup
    program I've been working on, "backshift".

    You can find it at:

    And I'd be pleased if you were to choose to join, if you're interested
    in the subject of Backups using Python.

    The software can be found at
    and I believe it's nearly time for a beta; it's got an extensive suite
    of automated tests, and I've been using it for my own backups.

    It runs on nearly any *ix with Python, from Linux to BSD to Haiku to
    Solaris to Mac OS/X, as well as Windows with Cygwin.

    Thanks, if you're interested.
    Dan Stromberg, Jul 11, 2011
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