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Discussion in 'PC Technical Talk' started by Graham J, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Graham J

    Graham J Guest

    Desktop = Windows XP Pro. A folder containing several files and
    sub-folders is shared on the network. Sharing permissions is
    "everyone", read and write. Access permissions has the usual
    Administrator and System settings, plus "Everyone" has "Full Control".

    Laptop = Windows XP Pro. Log in as Administrator, enable "Offline
    Files". Log off. Log in as the normal user (Standard user
    permissions). Network view shows the file share on the desktop. User
    can edit files as normal.

    Shut down laptop and disconnect from network.

    Restart laptop.
    Log in as normal user, open the shared folder. Can see the offline
    files as expected. Edit one of the files (something unimportant) in
    this folder. Save and exit.

    Shut down laptop, reconnect to network, restart laptop.

    While watching the shared folder on the desktop, log into laptop as
    normal user. Synchronisation starts, as expected. On desktop, the file
    I edited disappears.

    On laptop, message that a file exists in local cache that does not exist
    on remote file share: do I want to restore the local copy to the file
    share. I say yes: error message to the effect that the copy failed
    because no permission to write to remote file share. Don't understand,
    because previous editing across the network functioned correctly.

    Give up and log off. Synchronisation runs (as expected). No errors
    reported, and the file I edited re-appears in the desktop's file system.

    Have been able to repeat this consistently - albeit with the same file:
    I don't want to try it with an important file!

    Any idea what's going wrong here?


    -- Graham
    Graham J, Dec 12, 2012
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