Nvidia -> ATI -> Nvidia -> ATI

Discussion in 'DIY Computers' started by Mark, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Mark

    Mark Guest

    I recently bought a new GPU (ATI) and removed the Nvidia drivers and
    installed the ATI ones. Now the (ATI) card has developed a fault so I
    need to send it back. Therefore I need to put my old Nvidia card back
    in again. Am I asking for problems considering the number of driver
    changes required?
    Mark, Feb 3, 2012
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  2. No, just uninstall the driver before you take the card out, rather
    than after swapping the card.

    Cheers - Jaimie
    Jaimie Vandenbergh, Feb 3, 2012
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  3. Mark

    Mark Guest

    I know the theory. ;-) I've just heard so many horror stories about
    graphics drivers that don't uninstall. In the past I've always stuck
    with the same manufacturer on one PC. This time I couldn't get a
    suitable Nvidia replacement.
    Mark, Feb 3, 2012
  4. Mike T recommended http://www.drivercleaner.net/ in another thread,
    which sounds useful (although I'm not too sure at which point you'd run
    Philip Herlihy, Feb 3, 2012
  5. Mark

    Rob Guest

    Most (if not all) horror stories of that nature are caused by folk
    installing new drivers without removing the old ones first.
    I've had a least 4 different ATI cards and 3 nVidia ones in one
    particular XP system (over a period of 5 years) and never had a problem.
    Even though I regularly make system images, I've never had to use one
    in anger in all that time, either.
    Rob, Feb 6, 2012
  6. Mark

    Mark Guest

    Well I've succeeded at last but it wasn't easy. After uninstalling
    the ATI drivers there was still lots of ATI crap there - An ATI
    service and some other stuff still listed by autoruns. Then there
    were many ati2*.exe/dll files that were undeletable. After numerous
    deletes and reboots I eventually got rid (or so I thought) of the ATI

    However the Nvidia drivers would not install and they gave no hint of
    why. Eventually I got a really ancient driver (from 2009) to install
    so it is working now but..... :-(
    Mark, Feb 6, 2012
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