[News] iPhone applications spoil party for rivals

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Your Name, May 15, 2010.

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    The local newspaper this week had an article headed ...

    iPhone applications spoil party for rivals
    Apple sets standard which other makers of smartphones
    are scrambling to match.


    Suddenly Mr Type-A became unusually reticent, glancing
    around to see if anyone was watching before plunging his
    hand into a pocket to pull out his personal handset.
    [They were at the recent Wireless Enterprise Symposium
    organised by RIM / Blackberry]

    Shock, horror, it was an Apple iPhone.

    It was the first iPhone I'd seen since entering RIM's
    temporary land of all things BlackBerry a few days
    earlier and it steered the conversation in an
    enlightening direction.

    One person at the table claimed to have heard that
    between a third and half of all phones sold today in New
    Zealand and Australia were iPhones. Other industry
    experts involved in the conversation, including Mr A,
    agreed that was probably the case.

    He said he knew why Apple was so dominant in the
    smartphone war: it was all about the apps, the hundreds
    of thousands of downloadable software applications that
    do everything from simulate a game of pinball to
    monitoring your menstrual cycle.

    As someone who is offered the opportunity to sample
    dozens of phones a year, it was the Apple apps that had
    reversed his initial indifference towards the device, he

    "When the guys from Apple came to see me they were
    clever. They didn't just leave behind an iPhone, they
    preloaded it with apps."

    He had since become addicted to using some favourite
    apps and was now an iPhone convert.

    It was a bold admission to make, even among Antipodean
    friends, at a BlackBerry gig, but hardly a surprising


    The quite long article is now available online at
    Your Name, May 15, 2010
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