Need replacement heatsink for HP a6400f that uses same screw holes as coolermaster that came with it

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by dball, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. dball

    dball Guest

    I've got an HP a6400f where I've replaced the Pentium dual core with a
    C2Q Q6600 and I want to put a better CPU heatsink/cooler in it. Does
    anyone know of one that will be a direct replacement for the
    coolermaster heatsink/fan that is used by HP on this machine? I've
    upgraded the PSU in the a6400f to an ANTEC Earthwatts 500 watt PSU.
    The stock PSU was 250 watts.

    FYI, I wouldn't have tried using the stock a6400f HP/coolermaster
    heatsink on the Q6600 except that the HP sells a machine, the a6554f,
    which has the same case, motherboard, and heatsink/fan as the a6400f
    but comes with a Q6600 as the stock CPU and a 300 watt PSU.

    Does anyone know of a replacement CPU heatsink/fan which will use the
    screw holes from the coolermaster fan that HP seems to use on most of
    it's machines. I'd like to avoid having to remove the motherboard and
    swap out the backplate for the heatsink. IIRC, the fan connector is 3

    dball, Dec 26, 2009
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  2. dball

    Paul Guest

    There are pictures here. Intel GMA 3100 Windows Vista Home Premium

    Motherboard - IPIBL-LB microATX ?

    I compared to another retail microATX LGA775 motherboard, and the keepout
    pattern ("X" with four screw holes) appears to be the same. So an
    ordinary LGA775 cooler should work, whatever you choose to buy.

    I wasn't able to find the pictured original cooler, so I don't know what
    that item is. I have a Coolermaster on my present system, and that
    one screws into place, and is a pain to install. I have to take the
    computer all apart to undo it. There are nuts on the back, which hold
    the stiffener plate.

    Paul, Dec 26, 2009
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  3. dball

    dball Guest

    Yes, that's the motherboard used in both the a6400f and the a6554f.
    It's the Asus IPIBL-LB also known as HP/Compaq Benicia-GL8E

    Here's the a6400f specs

    and here's the a6554f specs

    They both use the 5187-8413 heatsink/fan. The following part info
    shows that the same heatsink/fan is used for everything from celeron's
    to C2Q Q9550.

    I was hopeing to find a heatsink that would screw into the backplate
    from the old one.
    dball, Dec 26, 2009
  4. dball

    Paul Guest

    It could be an AVC brand cooler. The nuts on the backing plate might be captive.
    As long as the backing plate uses adhesive, it would stay put until another
    heatsink is attached. (On my Coolermaster, the nuts are not captive, and they'll
    fall off.)

    The HP "Class F" heatsink/fan is pictured here for comparison. I'm guessing
    the screws are the same type as the AVC example.

    The AVC website itself seems to be useless. I suspect they manufacture more OEM
    product for Intel or AMD, than they do retail heatsinks like this one. This one
    is spring loaded, to control the normal force loading of the heatsink on the CPU.

    If you find a replacement LGA775 cooler, the center to center spacing
    is likely to be the same, but there is no guarantee on screw thread pitch, diameter

    For example, my Coolermaster screws look a bit similar to the screws on your
    heatsink, but the length of the screw, and the thickness of the backing
    plate could be different. Meaning that even if the screw was the same thread
    pitch, it might not be long enough to reach. There are lots of potential
    "gotchas" with just bolting another cooler into the old backing plate.

    So you could purchase another cooler, and need to take the thing all apart

    The problem with the HP information, is searching backwards, and seeing in
    totality, what heatsink options HP has for LGA775. HP probably has a few BTX
    style computers, and the heatsink from those would not be suitable. Class F
    seems to be for Intel. Class E seems to be coolers for AMD. I don't know if
    the "Class" thing refers to the socket type, or what it might be referring to.

    I don't see a way right now, to guarantee a solution.

    Paul, Dec 26, 2009
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