need help with forms using Acrobat

Discussion in 'Computing' started by David, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. David

    David Guest

    I have made a pdf form using Acrobat 8.0 that can be opened and saved
    using Adobe Reader. ie permissions were set to allow this so people
    could download the pdf form, fill it in, then email it to me using the
    free Adobe Reader.

    However, I have encountered 2 major problems...

    I develop the forms in Acrobat running on Windows but use Dreamweaver
    running on my Mac to develop and maintain the website.

    If I just copy the pdf form from XP to the Mac it loses its ability to
    enter data - however, if I enclose it in a folder and then copy that
    folder to the Mac all is well. So this is not really still a problem
    though I am curious as to why this happens.

    The BIG problem I still have is that if I fill in the form, then try to
    email it as an attachment, only the blank form is sent! All the user
    entered data just disapears!

    If, however, I enclose the completed form in a folder and then email the
    folder all is well - when the email arrives with the folder attached the
    form enclosed now contains all the user entered data.

    In short, the pdf form only retains user entered data when it is sent
    enclosed in a folder, or zipped.

    But this creates problems as testing with people who are not computer
    savvy results in them finding it difficult to receive the form in a
    folder and then remembering to put it in a folder before sending to me -
    hence I keep getting blank forms sent to me - ie no membership data (the
    form is to be used by members of a not-for-profit hobby club)

    I would appreciate nay help or ideas as I just cannot figure out why
    this is happening, and I need to get these forms working for an upcoming
    club event

    David, Mar 19, 2008
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  2. David

    canetoad Guest

    I have Acrobat 7, not 8 but this is the process I use. Create the form
    in Adobe Designer, which comes with Acrobat. Use the wizard to enter
    your return email address. Make sure there is a button on the form to
    'return by email'.

    When the receipient completes the form and hits this button, XML data is
    sent to you as an attachment in an email. You then need to open Acrobat
    and import the data so you can read the response.
    canetoad, Mar 20, 2008
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