NAS, how to make a choice

Discussion in 'Storage' started by chriske911, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. chriske911

    chriske911 Guest

    I am looking into the choice between netapp FAS2020 and EMC NX4 or

    it will be used to host our VMWare environment that holds around 20
    servers with low processing and low IOPS
    the plan is to host our more demanding servers in the last Q of this
    year, those would be a number of SQL servers and 1 exchange server

    the proposed storage so far is 11 disks of 450GB for EMC or 12 disks of
    300GB for NetApp

    all of this is servicing a middle sized company with about 150 users

    what is my best option and because of the crisis the most reasonably

    chriske911, Feb 12, 2009
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  2. chriske911

    chriske911 Guest

    kushalshah wrote :
    well, I am but it also lengthens the project
    I need to make sure we reach a decision before the end of february
    management tends to stick to proven solutions

    if you can give me solid alternatives I will sure look into it
    mind you that I must be able to get a quote from a near belgium based

    chriske911, Feb 16, 2009
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  3. then netapp, emc or hds is what you want. There's lots of fly by night
    storage vendors, almost all fail, or have junk that doesn't work in the
    first place.

    I'd steer towards netapp though for something so small though.
    Cydrome Leader, Feb 16, 2009
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