MSA 1500 Performance Question

Discussion in 'Storage' started by Apeulus Rex, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. Apeulus Rex

    Apeulus Rex Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I recently migrated to an MSA1500 based SAN. I have the following config:

    MSA1500 with redundant controller, but did not purchase the extra 128MB
    cache upgrade (DOH)
    2x MSA30's loaded with 72GB 15k U320 drives (all LUNS are 0+1)
    1 MSA20 with 7.2k 160GB SATA drives (1 LUN and it is raid5)
    1 4 port Brocade 2GB switch
    1 Server running 2003 Enterprise (For now)

    Now, everything works, but the performance seems really subpar. When I do a
    backup from the MSA30 to the MSA20, I get like 7 MB/s. That's truly awful.
    I'd be better off backing up to USB at that rate. So I ran some benchmarks
    with Iometer, and it claims to be able to do like 100MB/s from both the
    MSA30 and MSA20. However, when I do drag n' drop benchmarks in Explorer, I
    get the following results:

    Cache set to 20% Read / 80% Write
    MSA30 to Local C: 9.8 MB/s
    Local C: to MSA30 33 MB/s
    MSA20 to Local C: 19.25 MB/s
    Local C: to MSA20 12.25 MB/s

    MSA30 to MSA20 8.16 MB/s
    MSA20 to MSA30 18.58 MB/s

    Cache set to 80% Read / 20% Write
    MSA30 to Local C: 29.94 MB/s
    Local C: to MSA30 19.96 MB/s
    MSA20 to Local C: 59.8 MB/s
    Local C: to MSA20 8.29 MB/s

    MSA30 to MSA20 6.73 MB/s
    MSA20 to MSA30 19.96 MB/s

    So it looks like the cache REALLY matters. I am going to put in the cache
    upgrade based on this. However, the fact that Iometer reports such
    different results than doing drag n' drops, that makes me wonder if there is
    something in Windows that I could tweak?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    Apeulus Rex, Oct 14, 2006
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  2. Apeulus Rex

    Sean Howard Guest

    Hi Charles,

    That's true, I am not doing any random in the test. Wouldn't backing up the
    filesystem be sequential though? That's the thing I'm really concerned


    Sean Howard, Oct 16, 2006
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