ML370 with SmartArray 5300 - won't boot

Discussion in 'Storage' started by MDS, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. MDS

    MDS Guest

    We have a Compaq Proliant ML370 with the SmartArray 5300 - 5 drives fitted;

    - first two logical drive C (Windows 2000 Server system drive) in Raid 1
    - second three logical drive D in RAID 5

    Yesterday we did a Windows Update and restarted the server. It never came
    back up. It displays the memory check, shows the processors, then displays
    'no SCSI devices detected' and then 'No System disk or disk error'

    Help! This is the Exchange server for the whole company. Any clue to what
    might be the culprit? The SmartArray controller perhaps? If it's replaced,
    would the array configuration (and the data on those disks) be preserved?

    Any advice greatly appreciated!

    MDS, Sep 13, 2003
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