MB and Audio advice, please - integration of APU and codec

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Jay Williams, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. Jay Williams

    Jay Williams Guest

    I've recently put my stepson's old ASUS NForce-based (A7N266-VM) motherboard
    in my computer (having heat problems with my previous MSI board.

    I was getting a lot of sound stuttering withe the onboard audio (MCP-D
    southbridge and Realtek ALC 650 audio module) so I installed an old Phillips
    Seismic Edge soundcard I had laying around.

    It's better, but still choppy. Now, here's where I *think* the problem is
    coming from. When I disabled the onboard sound, I also removed the
    soundstorm drivers, thinking that they were now superfluous, since I had the
    sound card. In research the possiblity of buying an Audigy 2 (b/c Toms
    Hardware says it has the second least CPU load - Least being (you guessed
    it) the NForce2 APU) vs. buying an NForce2 based board, I noticed that the
    NForce2 boards would reference AC'97 sound, Realtek ALC650 (which my current
    board has) in the same paragraph as referencing the NForce2 APU. Further
    reading suggested that the APU would work in conjunction with the AC'97 or
    whatever sound - idea being that the APU does the work in hardware, and then
    the AC'97 or Realtek ALC650 converts the digital into analogue and sends it
    to the speakers....

    First question - Have I got the above correct? Is that how it works?

    Second question - Do I then need to re-install the APU and soundstorm
    drivers so that they will handle some of the work of the Phillips card? (or
    does the built in APU only work with the built in sound?)

    confused and longing for simpler days
    Jay Williams, Jan 24, 2004
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  2. Jay Williams

    Jay Williams Guest

    Excuse me, I didn't disable soundstorm or the control applet, I disabled the
    audio MPU thing and the dolby digital thing in the control panel. I just
    re-enabled them and rebooted. The computer re-installed the
    "Nvidia(r)nforce(TM) MCP Audio Processing Unit (Doby" and the
    "Nvidia(r)nforce(TM) Audio Codec Interface" I discovered I had to go to
    properties and disable the Nvidia audio codec interface to get sound. I
    haven't tried the stuttering games to see if that helped yet, so any of you
    more experienced folks, I'd appreciate your input.
    Jay Williams, Jan 24, 2004
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