Max External Screen Resolution

Discussion in 'Computing' started by The Old Bloke, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. I have used desktop PCs since 1985, and they have served me well. But
    it appears that I may have to live in a much smaller space.

    My preference has always been for large screens and I am lucky to have
    a 30" Dell 2560 X 1600

    I would like to buy a notebook to replace my desktop, but I can never
    find what max resolution a notebook may support. A year ago I was
    sold a notebook which was said to support very high resolution
    screens. It didn't and I returned it.

    Even if I find what video card the notebook has, often the notebook
    maker has often had the video card "down rated" for many reasons eg

    Does anyone kow of a hardware testing site that reveals the max
    resolution for an external screen?

    The Old Bloke, Jan 9, 2015
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  2. The Old Bloke

    Petzl Guest

    If it's not portability the "ALL IN ONE" PC takes up little space.
    Pricing is a lot better than Laptop
    Touch screens are fair bit dearer
    The only curse is a new one will have "WIN 8.1"

    My ALDI one cost 23" screen cost $599 seems adequate but only 4Gb RAM
    needs more

    This one with everything asking $1400
    Check out officeworks, dicksmith etc,
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    Petzl, Jan 9, 2015
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  3. The Old Bloke

    Rod Speed Guest

    Surely replacing the desktop with a notebook isnt
    going to save a lot of space given a screen that big ?
    Can't say I have ever noticed one.
    Rod Speed, Jan 10, 2015
  4. The Old Bloke, Jan 17, 2015
  5. Thanks for the feedback.

    I didn't expand why I wanted a laptop. There are other reasons besides
    the size. Portability is one reason

    The Old Bloke, Jan 17, 2015
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